I don’t watch many menswear shows because I know before I arrive that I’m going to be hyper critical. I have much stronger opinions for what is appropriate and wearable for men than I do women.  I also blame menswear designers for a casual attitude that has fewer men even owning suits than ever, and those who do own them rarely wearimg them. I strongly believe that what we wear matters and when we don’t respect ourselves enough to dress nicely we are more likely to not show respect for others.

That being said, I am pleased to have survived the  Todd Snyder presentation without yelling and screaming. If I stop and look specifically at individual pieces, there are some very attractive jackets that should be perfect for spring. Several of the shirt styles should be quite comfortable, though those with long tails would have limited use.

I can’t be much more positive than that, though.

Who told designers that pea green is an acceptable color? This is twice today that I’ve seen it and for the first day of New York Fashion Week that rather frightens me because I fear it may become a trend. No one  looks good in pea green.  Even the military has stopped using pea green. There really is no justifiable reason for this color ever existing in anyone’s wardrobe.

I understand that the Todd Snyder brand is designed primarily for young adult men, not old fogies like me. However, cutoff shorts are for small children. Frayed edges on the hems cause one to look slouchy, not sexy. Cut offs say one is too lazy to bother with a real pair of shorts. I saw way too many cut off shorts for an adult collection.

Then, there’s the matter of socks. Please, please  start wearing socks with dress shoes! Deck shoes, sure, go sockless then. Sports shoes might work without socks if one lives and showers alone. But dress shoes need  socks. Let me, again, list the reasons.
1. Bare feet cause shoes to wear out faster
2. Bare feet in dress shoes sweat, leading to the growth of foot fungus. Yuck.
3. Bare feet in dress shoes sweat, causing both the shoes and the feet to stink, probably more than anyone has ever told you.
4. Bare feet in dress shoes is lazy.

Just this week, a judge warned an attorney he would be held in contempt of court if he again entered the court room without socks on his feet. Now, where could a bright legal mind get the idea that going sockless is acceptable? Why, from the designers of course! This is a practice that really needs to stop. Now.

I’m going to hope that these deplorable tactics are on their way out. I would love to see a menswear designer set a trend in the opposite direction. I would praise such a move.

Unfortunately, that praise does not belong with the Todd Snyder collection for spring/summer 2015. Maybe next year.

Photo credit: Fermanda Calfat

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