The artistic side of Tadashi Soji is very evident in the spring/summer 2014 collection he presented this afternoon. The intricate detailing of his gowns and dresses was the type of work one might expect of a much more seasoned designer, such as Roberto Cavalli. His careful use of diagonal patterns mixed with sheer lace and just the right amount of sparkle results in a line that is instantly enviable even if it probably isn’t affordable for the average Midwestern budget.

The Japanese-born designer brought a large number of pastels to both his gowns and dresses, carefully detailing the bodices, and then choosing sheer for many of the skirts. The effect is definitely one that breathes of spring, and references to summer weddings seem almost inevitable.

Soji is careful to not go overboard with any one element. Careful and meticulous, even his use of metallic fringe is precise so as to not take away from the softness of the overall silhouette. Soju’s customer wants to look classically glamorous and he delivers strongly.

The question for women in the Midwest is whether any of these elegant gowns and dresses might be pared down to a price point suitable for this market. The Tadashi Soji label can typically be found at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Lord & Taylor. However, what sells in the New York and Los Angeles stores doesn’t always move as well in Indianapolis. Whether shoppers here will actually see any of these absolutely wonderful dresses remains, unfortunately, a matter of speculation.

Of course, one could always visit his branded store at Ceasar’s in Las Vegas. Sounds like a perfectly good excuse for a road trip, doesn’t it?

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