Tadashi Shoji F/W 2015

How do I adequately describe the elegance and romanticism that is Tadashi Shoji’s fall/winter 2015 collection? Appropriately titled “Beauty of Flight,” Shoji’s collection of gowns and formal dresses are rife with layers of feathers and tulle that flutter and float on the breeze. Hued in the deepest jewel tones, these lighter than air pieces seem to almost float down the runway.

This New York audience knew what was coming. Word has definitely gotten around since last season and there was an air of excitement waiting for the show to begin. This was also a more ethnically diverse crowd that we’ve previously seen, hinting that more European and American shoppers are beginning to pay attention to the Japanese-born designer. If the level of conversation is any indication, Shoji’s brand is definitely on the rise.

There aren’t any huge surprises in the silhouettes coming down the runway. One expects that upper level of formality from Shoji and that’s exactly what he delivers. The feathers were a new touch, to be sure, and in some ways stood in juxtaposition to the gentle draping of other fabrics. Those feathered looks, all of which came at the front of the collection, forced more broad shoulders and a more blocked style than what we typically expect, but he paired those looks with more traditional elements such as flowing gowns or draped backs so that he never gave the impression he was wandering too far from his trademark looks.

Stealing the show was the beautiful embroidery on gowns that dominated the second half of the collection. Exquisite detailing is something we expect from Shoji, but once again he has delivered word so intricately amazing as to practically cause one to weep joyfully at the sight of his handwork.

As Tadashi Shoji’s brand continues to grow, I cannot help but wonder if the day is too far away when he’ll open a storefront somewhere in the Midwest. While the emphasis is always on his gowns, Shoji’s beautiful designs also include gorgeous after-5 dresses that would fit Midwestern tastes quite well. They’re not here yet, but we can hope. Soon.

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