I’m wondering, this morning, as my senses are not yet quite fully awake, whether a collection done predominantly in sheer lace is edgy or more sensual? Let’s see if we can figure this out.

Puerto Rican Stella Nolasco is generally regarded as that country’s most avant garde designer.   Leaf through her press pack and look at various reviews and the term “edgy” comes up often in describing her clothes. From a pure PR stand point, I can see where she would like the use of the word. Everyone wants to be edgy, new, and fresh in what they wear. However, is sheer lace really enough of a touch to earn that title?

Watching this morning’s presentation, which was filled with one lovely and enticing piece right after another, the term “sensual” came to mind more often than “edgy.” Sure, that much sheer lace in a row is a bit startling this early in the morning,  but it doesn’t really stretch beyond what we’ve seen before. While the way in which Ms. Nolasco marries sequins with the lace is definitely unique and alluring, it’s not a tactic that hasn’t been used before especially in Italian and French designs. In my mind, “edgy” is a misrepresentation of what makes this collection great.

What really soars in this collection are silhouettes that are fitted, short, and flirtatious. Several times, Stella goes with two piece ensembles, leaving a bare midriff which is certainly a popular look. On many others, she brings the two pieces together with some fantastic touch, such as a bow covered in gold sequins.  Either approach works wonderfully well, emphasizing a trim waist line and giving one the opportunity to really show off that summertime body.

Ms. Nolasco seems to prefer a rather high waist line as well. Not only do we see that where two piece ensembles are brought together, but in the cut of her slacks and shorts.  While this style doesn’t necessarily work well with every body type, it is stunning on anyone with a longer torso.

Colors generally played within the range of dusty pastels, with blues and greens dominating. I like the muted color with all the lace and cut outs. The color isn’t too pale for those with lighter skin, but is still bright enough to look good on those with darker tones.  Even the yellow Stella uses holds back and doesn’t come across harsh on the eyes.

Hem lines on the day wear pieces run rather high, and given that most these pieces are all lace one will definitely need to mind their knickers when wearing one of the dresses. Nolasco does go long for her evening gowns, though, and also more opaque as she opts for a beautiful  blue and green shimmering print.

Stella Nolasco’s spring/summer 2015 collection is quite attractive and one I hope to see gracing the streets with great frequency. There is a lot of daring and sensuality in this collection and that translates to a summer full of fun. Is it really all that edgy? I don’t think so, but the line is definitely worth wearing.

Stella Nolasco web site

Stella Nolasco on Facebook

Photo credit: Fernanda Calfat

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