Ruffian‘s creative team of Brian Wolk and Claude Morais credit French novelist Francoise Sagan for the inspiration to a spring/summer 2014 collection they’ve named “Ingenue.”  Certainly, there’s a very strong French influence to this line that is at once very sweet and innocent in appearance, but with a bit of an edge underneath.

Center to this collection is a very light floral pattern that almost has a lingerie feel to it, though none of the pieces could be mistaken for bedroom wear. The French cotton is very well milled and very light so as to almost give the appearance that the person wearing it is floating rather than walking.

A hint of Saint Tropez comes through for those who have traveled enough to recognize it, but I think for a lot of Americans especially the first word likely to come to mind is “schoolgirl.” There is certainly no small amount of presumed innocence in this collection, yet there is also the rubberized cotton biker jackets (looks like leather but vegan friendly) that appeal to a slightly rougher edge. Mix the two together and one has a look that might have Midwestern dads cleaning their shotguns, just to be safe.

Large parts of the Ruffian collection should do very well across the Midwest. There are even pieces here that one might wear to church or synagogue without any problem. The whole set is very pretty, very feminine, and very French, which seems to be exactly what the designers had in mind.

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