For the most part, with some wonderful exceptions toward the end of the collection, Rebecca Taylor’s spring/summer 2015 line can be summed up in one word: Purple. If one likes Rebecca Taylor, and certainly there are a lot of people who do, then one needs to look good in purple for this season. For the first half of this collection everything  had purple going on somewhere, even when red or blue were the dominant colors.

And ruffles. One definitely needs to like ruffles as well, but because not only are they everywhere throughout Ms. Taylor’s collection, but they keep showing up in just about every ready to wear line for spring. Not that I’m terribly opposed to ruffles, mind you, but here, as with others, we see ruffles upon ruffles upon ruffles, sometimes all the way up and down an ensemble. Ruffles are great in that they give a garment a sense of fluidity and motion, but too much of them and one can begin to feel a bit sea sick.

Then there’s the matter of paisley. Here, Ms. Taylor shows some restraint in that she frequently pairs the purple paisley with a smaller floral  print so as to not overwhelm the eyes. The look is still a bit busy, mind you, and it is still very purple, but it works.

Following well established trends for this spring, silhouettes are very loose, flowing, high waisted, and frequently cropped. There are tasteful cutouts, most notably in the sleeves of one white cropped jacket that appears fairly early in the collection. Hems are generally longer, though when she does pull them above the knee they look quite lovely, and the legs of her pants are generally flared to varying degrees. This makes the collection accessible to women with a variety of body types, which is a very welcome thing.

There are a few quirky moments as we get toward the latter have of the collection. I heard some giggles scatter around the room with a piece that took a page from Prada’s fall collection and put a yellow bra silhouette on the outside of an ensemble. Since there was only the one piece to step out of line in what  was otherwise a fairly traditional collection, I can’t promise that one will make it into production. I’m sure Ms. Taylor’s marketing folks are measuring reaction to the piece very carefully. This collection also sees Rebecca toying with sheer fabrics a bit more than usual. While she is careful to keep all the important parts covered, sometimes with 3D appliqued flowers and sometimes with well-placed ruffles, I like seeing her step away from the standards a little bit and showing some adventure.

More variety is seen toward the end of the presentation, both in terms of style and color. A wide array of pastels, especially yellows and blues, gave the eyes a bit of a break from all that purple.  Sleeveless jackets and touches of fringe came out to play here as well. This is a good-sized collection that encompasses a variety of ready-to-wear needs.

Rebecca Taylor is a good brand for the Midwest. Her looks are classic enough to not frighten anyone yet offer enough of a contemporary feel to not look as though one is borrowing clothes from the back of their mother’s closet. This is a wonderful collection for spring that I’m sure will do very well.

Photo credit: Guillame Roujas

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