Simple. Clean. That really is the best way to describe Rebecca Taylor’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection. No handbags. No jewelry (accept for a couple of tasteful chokers). Nothing to distract one from the very basic elements of fashion.

The whole atmosphere to this show is light, from the white walls of Center 548 to the complexion of models so pale that they risked sunburn from walking past the cameras flashing. Instead of piece after piece bathed in various shades of black, as we’ve seen frequently this week, Ms. Taylor treats us to a wide array of pastels and gentle silhouettes that are easy and comfortable to wear.

Not that Ms. Taylor’s fashions are boring. There are plenty of asymmetric cuts and uneven layers to keep things interesting. Crop-topped jackets over slightly longer sweaters and loose flowing skirts creates attractive lines without requiring a heavy gym regimen in order to make them fit. Tunic-styled coats and wrapped mini skirts give plenty of flexibility to women whose figure might contain an extra bulge or two.

Rebecca Taylor may come across sufficiently innocent on  the surface, but there are some under currents of rebellion, with pieces of mesh and sheer panels carefully placed to give just a hint of naughtiness. No, not enough that you’ll find the collection at your nearby Hot Topic, but just enough to give the collection some texture other than quilted jackets and fluffy sweaters.

Ms. Taylor’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection is perfect for the Midwest aesthetic, modern and contemporary without really risking any offense. One can just as easily wear these pieces to church or synagogue as they can schools that don’t require a limiting dress code. With such a large market, this line cannot help but do very well.

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