I’m going to make this really easy, and rather short by comparison. While Pamella Roland’s day wear is quite nice, built largely around neutral colors, nicely sculpted, with wonderfully delicate floral embroidery accents and gentle touches of fringe, are all nice, and appropriate, and professional, and well suited for the office, the primary reason for anyone wanting to see this collection is the gowns. Sure, we see a lot of gowns during fashion week, but Ms. Roland has a very special talent with gowns: she makes them come alive.

Being able to design wonderful dresses and gowns is a special talent in its own right and there are precious few people who do it exceptionally well. Pamella Roland goes a step further, though, with gowns that elevate the woman wearing it to the level of goddess. Not only is her detail work exceptional, and her silhouettes creative, and her understanding of color impeccable, Ms. Roland breathes a spirit into her gowns that, I’m sorry to say, still pictures simply cannot begin to communicate. These are dresses one needs to see move, gowns one needs to experience to fully appreciate.

Three specific pieces stand out. The first one is a blue gown with a lovely pink floral print. Layered, but fashioned as a single piece, a wrap at the waist gives the top a bandeau aesthetic while allowing everything below to blossom. With the addition of carefully crafted pieces of blue chiffon on the back, the visual effect was that the model was being carried down the runway on an undulating wave of water. Insert gasps of astonishment here.

A creative blend of silver and sheer comes together in the second super-impressive piece. Technically, this dress has an impressive train. Visually, however, as the material splits from the waistband in front, coming over each shoulder, there’s not a super hero on this planet or any other that wouldn’t envy a cape as impressive as this one. I would not have been the least bit surprised had the model leaped into the air and flown off to conquer the world. I’m fully convinced this gown comes with super powers.

The final piece, and unquestionably the favorite of them all, is a gorgeous wedding dress that beats anything I’ve ever seen without even entering the contest. Granted, one would need a rather wide aisle to give this dress the room it needs to express itself in all its glory. I’m not sure how she’s done it, but this dress captures so much air with the slightest movement on the part of the model that I would almost question whether there is a fan going under there. If every a bride wanted to visually float down the aisle, this is the dress that makes that dream possible.

Pamella Roland has created a truly spectacular collection. There was only one black dress that gave me a bit of a “meh” feeling. But the gowns… oh my goodness. You simply must see the gowns. You won’t believe your eyes.

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison

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