There are two sides to fashion: the creative side and the business side. For most design houses of any size, two different people handle each side. More often than not, the namesake designer holds creative sway over the line while someone else, someone with a business degree, takes care of the sales and marketing aspects. That’s not the case with Pamella Roland. She does it all from top to bottom. She has her business degree and began her career in marketing and public relations, so she’s quite comfortable sitting behind the desk. She’s also very hands on with her clothes, though, approving every silhouette, picking out fabrics and colors, and hiring staff.

The result of all this attention to detail is a fashion line that moves from professional to sporty, sexy to glamorous, casual to elegant, and all without losing a universal sense of femininity and well groomed taste. Pamella is so very conscious of how well her clothes work that she travels to different stores around the country talking with women so that she knows exactly what they want and need for the next season.

For Spring/Summer 2014, Ms. Roland brings to the catwalk a collection inspired by the sophistication and elegance of Cannes in the 1980s. The result is a line of clothes that is not only glamorous and sparkling, but roomy and comfortable. This is yet another line of clothing where the silhouettes are very flattering to a woman with plenty of curve to her shape. One needn’t feel embarrassed about not being stick thin.

The color palette for this line ranges from bright summer white to color blocked orange, blue, and yellow. Ms. Roland even manages to bring all three colors together in an amazing gradient panel on one dress. A lot of the fabrics are lightweight, with plenty of sheer and crocheted elements throughout. Of course, cocktail dresses and gowns are appropriately lined where necessary, but the gowns especially have a sense of breeziness and motion. One bright orange gown seems to beg for a gust of wind in which to play.

Styles run the gamut, with a couple of sportswear pieces and several pantsuits through the collection, but dresses are the main focus, with plenty of options so that one has just the right amount of glamour without being inappropriate for the occasion. You’ll want to notice the detail of embroidered sequin designs and side panels. A white jumpsuit screams 1980s, but in a way that is still fresh and modern.

Pamella Roland is available at most Saks stores across the Midwest, including Indianapolis, St. Louis, Richland, Nashville, and Chicago.

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