Every season the fashion world is inundated with designs that range from the tired to the strange. Some pieces are innately wearable, others are more like museum pieces. The hype is heavy and the noise is loud and in the midst of all that mayhem we need someone to remind us exactly how to make a good dress, someone who genuinely understands femininity,  someone who knows exactly how to dress a woman. That someone is a Dominican born designer named Oscar de la Renta.

For a man who just turned 80 this past July, de la Renta still shows an amazing amount of energy and is still very hands-on in the continual adjustments made to those dresses. He understands that with every season his reputation is at stake. There are women sitting front row at his shows, diamonds dripping everywhere, who have purchased de la Renta dresses religiously since 1965. At the same time, there are young women in the audience with fresh looks of excitement on their faces, anticipating their first purchase.

For spring/summer 2014, the master doesn’t disappoint. Starting with day wear in blue and white, de la Renta gave us a gathered lapel jacket in oversized hounds tooth, classic tea dresses that remind one so very much of the late Audry Hepburn, and what the designer called “peasant” blouses with sheer balloon sleeves. There was white lace with crochet trim, and a sheer black lattice blouse that had the dear ladies on the front row gasping for air. Ge even tossed in this season’s requisite floral print and embroidered them with crystals.

Then came the gowns, each one seemingly more amazing than the previous. Column dresses in seemingly endless tiers. to piles of tulle and embroidered edges and pearl trim. The styling is classic de la Renta, yet his fabric choices, such as a black mesh skirt, keep the looks fresh and contemporary.

Sure, one is going to spend a few thousand dollars for one of these dresses; even the day wear doesn’t come cheap. Yet, you already know when purchasing an Oscar de la Renta dress or gown that you are making an investment in your wardrobe that is absolutely timeless.

There are dozens of labels parading down catwalks this week, but there is only on Oscar de la Renta.



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