Noon By Noor S/S 2017
Noon By Noor Spring/Summer 2017. Photos by Elizabeth Panteleo

There is no way this isn’t going to get confusing. Some designers are showing autumn/winter collections, some, like Noon By Noor, are showing spring/summer collections. Outside it’s nice and warm, perfect for spring/summer wear. We know winter’s coming, though, so our thoughts are on autumn/winter. As we move from show to show, remembering what season is being shown is going to be challenging.

Fortunately, cousins Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa wasted no time letting us know that their collection is wholly focused in the light, flowing, casual looks of next summer. For a brand based in Bahrain, summer looks are a bit of a natural and they do a wonderful job with clothes that have very clean lines and provide a definite sense of luxury while keeping one cool and comfortable.

As is normal for the pair, they stuck with a rather neutral color palate. The first look they sent down the runway was a crisp, white linen dress under an embroidered sheer tulle overlay that reflected light so strongly many photographers were caught off guard and had to adjust their cameras. There were plenty of shades of tan and bone, and some beautiful ensembles done in a dusty pink with a few black numbers tossed in for evening wear.

There is something here for just about everyone. The silhouettes are all very clean and run from religiously conservative to dangerously daring.  There are flirty silk shorts and long quilted dresses, shirts with v-necks and sheer panels and two-piece suits that seems to have stepped delightfully from the early 1960s. Most any woman is going to find the right touches to create a look appropriate for her.

What one really wants to watch, though, is the detailing. Here is where the duo excels and it’s not a touch that one always notices immediately. Their same-colored embroidery blends in with the fabric in pictures, but up close one sees the amazing handwork that causes many of these pieces to really stand out.  Flowers are a frequent theme, especially in the pink ensembles and it is on those pieces that the detail work shows the most. On white, tan, and black numbers, embroidery almost hides, like a secret surprise waiting to be discovered.

Noon By Noor has struggled to gain a following in the US, but is beginning to come along as the number of editorials increase. There is a lot here to like and one doesn’t have to be 20-something to look good in these clothes. This is a solid, well-planned collection. If you’ve not paid them any attention  before, now might be a good time to start.

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