When Nicole Miller isn’t in New York working on new designs for her clothing line, she spends a lot of time on Long Island around Sag Harbor with her husband Kim and son Palmer. I have a feeling Ms. Miller spends a fair amount of her time in Sag Harbor gardening and this season she enjoyed the flowers so much that it overflowed right into her spring/summer 2014 collection. Everything in this exciting line feels like it was freshly plucked from the garden, right down to the mulch.

From the outset, what one notices about Nichole Miller’s collection are beautiful floral prints, carefully directed stripes, and made-for-your-body tailoring. Look through the catalog and one might enjoy the business suits and dresses, the pieces meant for after 5, and even a good selection of casual wear for the weekends. Yet, if you look at this line and all you see are suits, dresses, slacks, and jackets, you’re missing the best part:


There’s no such thing as just-another-dress in this Nicole Miller collection. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she has applied it liberally on every piece. The sequins, of which there are thousands, are hand-sewn. Miles of embroidery are stitched along the front of pants legs, the lapels of jackets, and the front of blouses. Yards of bias are carefully sewn into place so as to create their own floral pattern. Everywhere one looks there is a detail that has not been overlooked.

Sure, there’s a hint of rebellion here and there. Some pants have been slashed with razors. Some of those leggings really are skin tight. And yes, that model’s hair is green. These are touches that give the collection that extra punch, like putting a poesy in among the daisies.

Make no mistake, though, that this is a line built on impeccable quality and good taste. Yes, those clothes come with a premium price tag, but one can be sure the garment will last and bring pleasure to your wardrobe for a very long time.

You can find Nicole Miller in stores across the Midwest, including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, and Chicago.

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