New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014-15 season couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. Unlike this past February, when everyone was attempting to wade through several inches of snow while trying to get to Lincoln Center, today’s skies over New York are clear, sunny, and just warm enough to remind one that summer isn’t quite yet gone. There is a feeling of excitement and anticipation for this very busy and very crowded season.

Starting things off, once again, is Nicholas K. The brother and sister duo of Nicholas and Christopher Kunz really wowed everyone this season with a loose, flowing, nomadic look that hints strongly at a Middle Eastern influence, but still very modern, very liberal, and ultimately very cool. There are several utilitarian pieces here, but at the same time there are touches of elegance, flirtations with bits of fantasy that made this presentation easily the most fun to watch compared to previous years.

Earth tones comprised the color palette, with a heavy emphasis on greens in muted, dusty forms. The colors work extremely well with the styling, although when a few violet pieces came along they felt just the tiniest bit out of place. Teal, tan, black, and white all merged well with the greens, though, and the overall effect was quite lovely.

With all the loose, flowing layers, deep plunges and sheer fabrics, a couple of accessories really stood out. One was the broad leather belts, again very Middle Eastern in their influence, with long tassels on the right side. The belts sit low on the top of the hip, really emphasizing the cinched waist. The other touch is the frequent use of long headscarves secured tightly to the head. One almost gets the sense of a religious feel though the overall cut and style of the clothes are far too contemporary.

I love that Nicholas K always gives us a good, clean start to New York Fashion Week and with this season they’ve infused it with some excitement. The only curious point I found was the use of leather knee wraps on several of the looks. The leather was textured with a faux crocodile pattern that still confuses me just a bit. Is this meant to be a practical touch or purely decorative? What are the subliminal messages going on here? Not a negative, mind you, but certainly curious.

So, off we go on this season’s adventures. A great show to start a great event.

Nicholas K web site

Nicholas K Studio on facebook

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