Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is officially under way and the first show down the runway at the studio this morning was Nicholas K. The siblings Nicholas (she’s a girl for those fooled by the spelling) and Christopher bring a very muted, earth-toned look to Spring/Summer 2014 with a native american-inspired theme.

The dominant color, which started the show, is white. Light, layered, and airy is what we expect from the brand and they certainly continued that style with well-draped looks that weren’t too terribly far removed from the reservation. Browns, greys, blacks, and a very muted plum rounded out the color palette and mixed together well. A short-sleeved brown jacket over a grey tunic looked wonderful in both men’s and women’s versions. 

Long, flowing backs are a Nicholas K tradition and they’re on every one of the 53 looks. These clothes are going to be absolutely wonderful for anyone who lives in warm, humid environments. The slightest breeze and these tops are going to keep one cool and looking wonderful no matter how oppressing the temperatures.

Okay, the feathers in the headbands were a bit much, too big and worn wrong, but the looks with just the headband weren’t that far off track for native wardrobe of the 19th century. Point of personal excitement: knee-high moccasins! I’ve been wearing them myself since May, totally unaware that Nicholas was going to make them such an exciting part of her show. There were plenty of ankle-high mocs as well.

This line is great day wear. I didn’t see anything I would consider too formal, even in black, but there’s a lot here that is office casual appropriate and I certainly expect the looks to be popular among those who are most in touch with nature and native traditions. For those of us in the midwest, however, finding the brand might be a bit of a challenge. High-end boutiques are the most likely place to spot the Nicholas K label, which likely means making a trip to New York or Chicago.

Overall, the Nicholas K show was a fantastic way to start the week. We’ll look forward to all that is coming next!

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