Hooray! Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is here! All this cold weather and over-the-top snowfalls have us more than ready to be looking at new styles to keep us warm. Anticipation has been running high as everyone across North America has anxiously been awaiting a break from the continual weather reports of impending disaster. As has become habit, if not quite yet tradition, the week started off with the Fall/Winter 2014 collection of Nicholas K.

By the way, just so we’re absolutely clear on things, Nicholas Kunz is a girl, and a rather attractive one at that. She founded the company with her brother, Christopher, in 2003 and the pair are continually stressed to meet the incredibly high demand for their clothes.

Where Nicholas takes us this season is primarily dark, though there are a handful of white pieces thrown in. Monochrome ensembles with tight jeans/leggings, Honeywell boots, and loose, flowing capes and jackets are the primary factors for this winter-oriented set that is heavy on folds and layering that should go a long well in helping keep on warm.

This collection is a definite pitch toward a specific demographic: young, hip, alt, a little emo, a little punk, and more than likely with very pale skin. Even the few non-Caucasian models who walked were of lighter skin tones. Most of the girls looked as though they’ve never actually seen sunlight. This look works well with the palette of greys, blacks, navy blues, and deep reds. Using dangling pieces of braided rope as accessories further pushed that alt vibe.

While the majority of the collection makes sense and is largely wearable, there are some curiosities. Take, for example, the single-shouldered crop top that appeared under a large number of open jackets and capes. A bit drafty for this weather, don’t you think? And then, there were some fur (faux?) head pieces that looked like hats from the front, but were void of any top or back. Given that the whole purpose of wearing a hat in winter is to prevent heat from escaping through the top of one’s head, the style just doesn’t seem to make a lick of sense.

But then, this is fashion we’re talking about. What makes sense doesn’t necessarily come into play, does it? I mean, after all, if one is genuinely of the alt/emo/punk set are you going to be buying designer clothes? Isn’t the whole purpose to be anti-establishment?

No, fashion doesn’t have to make sense. One just has to feel comfortable and good about one’s self when choosing a style. The Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2014 collection is going to put a lot of demand on the company, I’m sure. These looks are destined to be incredibly popular. Let’s hope they can keep the shelves full!

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