The MM6 label from Maison Martin Margiela is, as one might expect, a more sporty and youth-oriented line than the house’s main brand. Focused more toward the future, the house frequently experiments with this brand, bringing design combinations and concepts to the runway that may or may not become a part of the mainstream style in the future. Because of that, the collection, and the runway show, are always a little … different. This season is certainly no different.

Giving almost a campy space odyssey feeling, models on this runway first passed behind a white back lit sheet, casting their profile shadow on the screen, prior to making their walk down the runway.  The effect was a bit cheesy and judging by comments in social media not necessarily well received, especially among the brand’s European audience.

Whether or not the clothes work are ultimately going to be a matter of personal taste. For the most part, the line is very minimalist, with loose, blocky silhouettes and largely monochromatic styling. Apparently, I’ve been dressing for the future for years! Who knew?

The collection is primarily black and white. There is one orange shift, one teal off-the-shoulder sweater, and two salmon jackets along with a salmon-colored skirt/blouse ensemble. White dominates the bulk of the line, with black slowing taking over toward the end.

There is one interesting black and white print utilized in interesting form, but other than that there really are no new or shocking elements here. Demi sweaters and jackets are used several times, some with hoods, and the brand did yield to contemporary trends by tossing in a sports-oriented crop top toward the end.

MM6 clothes, considered away from the ridiculous runway setting, are actually quite wearable and comfortable. The loose design is perfect for warmer weather and isn’t inappropriate for more casual office settings. If one can get past the company’s very strange marketing, one might just find some valuable additions to their wardrobe.

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