Michael Kors is doing his best to build himself an empire. Even if you don’t know his clothes, you likely know the name. His presence as a judge on Project Runway and subsequently every talk show in the world, did a lot to increase the recognition value of his brand. Yet, as with any psuedo-celebrity in the fashion world, one has to carefully consider whether the clothes actually match the hype. Can Michael Kors, the brand, match all the hype of Michael Kors, the person?

Looking at his Spring/Summer 2014 collection, I would have to say that yes, the brand is very much on track. Kors has, from the very beginning, been committed to presenting a line of clothing that is both sexy and sporty and there is plenty of both in this season’s offering.

The show started off soft and white, what the designer referred to as “the juxtaposition of sportif and romantic. Sending both a male and female model down the runway together (they were supposed to be together, weren’t they?) made me think for a brief moment that Kors might have actually paired his men’s and women’s lines, which would certainly be a unique and interesting approach. No, that didn’t happen. The whites were very tailored, even delicate in places, and very well constructed, even if they were a little sheer at times.

There’s a surprising amount of khaki and brown in this collection, not necessarily colors one associates with spring. Sure, there is plenty of green and yellow, too, but I was surprised by the amount of gray, the yellow is more of a goldenrod and the green is more like moss. The Kors palette is very understated, as though a rain storm could break out at any moment. Perhaps he should include umbrellas with your purchase.

Kors is proud of his new sweater blouse and just went nuts with bandeau tops paired with everything from suits to maxi dresses in a variety of color and print combinations. The designer refers to this as “the modern pin-up” and he manages to keep the ensembles looking crisp and sharp. Keep in mind, though, that bandeau tops are not meant for everyone.

Slinking draped maillot gowns come in toward the end of the show, and even with all their sexiness one still gets the feeling the model might just kick off her shows and go running through the nearest mud puddle just for the fun of it all.

This Michael Kors collection couldn’t be more wearable, has likely been market tested to death, and probably be what “everyone” will be wearing come spring. You’ll find it at the mall and department stores in almost every city. Please, shop responsibly.

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