As with much of the United States, a severe cold has gripped the city of New York, with several days’ worth of snow piled high from where snow plows have made multiple trips up and down the streets. Temperatures were in single digits by the time the Marissa Webb show started. So, when warm looks of heavy wool and cotton started coming down the runway, they were greeted with tremendous enthusiasm. A less-well-behaved crowd might have actually tried taking the style off the models. When temperatures dip low, these are the styles one wants at the ready.

For fall/winter 2014, the Korean-born Webb started with black and white wool plaids layered with tweed skirts and leather jackets. These are the common-sense kind of styles that one expects to see in colder climates, with fur collars and scarves, cow necked sweaters, jumpers, and overcoats large enough to cover all the layers without looking like a tent in the process.

Black, white, blue, and grey dominate the larger part of the collection. When she does begin to move into just a touch of color, Marissa first selects a very subtle floral pattern before moving to a dusty pink and finally a bright red. The red might be a little over-bearing for a lot of women, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed that the only non-Caucasian model in the set was given the brightest ensemble at the very end of the show.

What Ms. Webb has created, though, a near perfect winter office wardrobe. The clothes are comfortable, easy to mix and match, easy to layer, and easy to work with other pieces one has in their wardrobe. These are well-tailored clothes that will hold up to years of wear, making them valuable additions to the working girl’s closet.

There is definitely a youthful tilt to the collection. Leather pants and leggings are skin tight, which is appropriate for layering, but may present a fitting challenge for many. Frayed sleeves on some of the jackets give a tough-girl feel, which might play well if one is 20-something, but hints at immaturity if one is over 30. However, there are plenty of choice here for anyone, no matter what their situation.

Marissa Webb’s F/W 2014 collection was immensely popular this afternoon and undoubtedly it will be when it hits store shelves this fall as well. If we have another winter like this one, these clothes may be invaluable.

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