As long as there have been teens, there has been a counter culture. I would imagine that back in some ancient cave, Neanderthal parents were shocked and dismayed when their child came home walking fully upright and dressed in leaves rather than mammoth skin. Appealing to that counter culture is a significant part of fashion and several brands do their best to create the clothes that speak to the individuality of the person.

What happens, though, when the brand of the counter culture becomes so big and so popular that it instead becomes the very norm against which the counter culture should be revolting? That may be the one problem this Marc by Marc Jacobs line has. They can go ahead and blast all the music they want about social injustice, but when the clothes themselves are so mainstream that even I would consider purchasing a couple of the men’s ensembles [I know, I was shocked] then just how counter culture can the clothes actually be?

Look through this collection, with the sound turned all the way down and focused on the individual pieces, and what you find are squiggly-lined prints that are rather cool and in a variety of pastel colors. There are also a couple of floral patterns done in black and white, and a star design, also in black and white, that one person remarked reminded her of the rock group KISS. Satin varsity-styled jackets are a throw back to the 1950s. Brown trench coats may look like something from the thrift store (especially if you leave it on your bedroom floor for a few days), but is actually lined and well suited for inclement weather.

Yes, there is a powder blue tuxedo style suit circa 1978. The tux jacket also comes in ivory and black, if you’re interested. Holographic shifts are nicely shape concealing for those teens not all that comfortable with their bodies.

Okay, so there are scarves worn around the neck with the hair tripped beneath and everyone is wearing tennis shoes. Is that really enough to count as subversive, though? Is there really anything here that going to cause a parent to disown you? If anything, one might just have to worry about mom or dad raiding their closet.

Marc by Marc Jacobs is a very cool and very wearable line. Perhaps just a bit too wearable.

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