Looking at the Lacoste spring/summer 2014 collection is a very confusing and sometimes difficult task. On one hand, the womenswear in the line is very attractive, very wearable, and takes sporty to a new, sexy level. There’s a lot here that I think women will enjoy and find worthwhile. On the other hand, the menswear is insipid, uninspired, and ridiculously medical in its appearance. What, did all the guys at Lacoste suddenly go to med school? There’s nothing on the men’s side that is remotely attractive.


Let’s focus on the positive aspects, shall we? The women’s line in the collection is soft, well tailored, and sporty. Running through a varied palette of blue, green, pink, and burnt orange, the styles are versatile, at times sexy, and sometimes even a bit formal. Knit dresses move wonderfully well down the runway and long coats with sheer panels are a stunning alternative to more traditional covers. While many of the hemlines are tennis-dress short, there are many that are knee-length and one particular burnt orange button-down maxi dress is the very definition of cool. With precious few exceptions, this is a fun and exciting line for women.

Not so much so for men, however. Perhaps if we were at a medical convention I might have more positive things to say. The very first look down the runway was a white lab coat. No, I’m not kidding. Perhaps Lacoste is targeting chemistry majors now. The second men’s look appeared to be a set of navy blue scrubs with white piping. The third look? A hunter green two-button suit with white piping. White piping. What self-respecting person of either gender would wear that combination? Maybe the late Captain Kanagroo would have been interested, may he rest in peace.

Lacoste is available in department stores all across the country. Ladies, look forward to seeing some very cool new additions for your wardrobe. Men …  uhm … let’s hope someone else comes up with something more appropriate.

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