America is full of amateur athletes that are probably not even remotely interested in fashion at the moment as they are somewhat distracted by this little thing called the Winter Olympics. While their momentary attention elsewhere is forgivable, sooner or later they’re going to be looking for something new to wear and when they do Lacoste, once again, has them covered.

No one does sporty chic as well as Lacoste without getting  cheesy about it. While the brand is perhaps best known for their Polo alligator logo, had we made a drinking game out of counting the number of ‘gators we saw (and that was a brief consideration had the show not been quite so early), we would have gone thirsty. The brand has moved on to a more refined look, one that avoids silly gimmicks and provides straight-forward and comfortable sports wear.

Of course, there are plenty of heavy coats and stocking caps and things with hoods, Those are a staple of the brand’s fall/winter line and this season they come ready made to handle the matching backpack without bunching or being retraining around the shoulders. With plenty of color options and both long and waist-length offerings there is a coat here for just about any sporting event.

Sweaters are a big part of this season’s collection. Most are crochet-knit with modest geometric patterns, just enough to make the sweaters interesting without dooming them to the “ugly” category and the back of the closet. Women’s sweaters are oversized, long enough to be worn as dresses if one doesn’t mind their legs being a bit chilly, and sleeves that come down over the hand and, in some cases, come equipped with thumb holes. A couple even have matching gloves.

Casual wear is what one would expect to see on a college student, loose, comfortable, and initially neat. Unfortunately, Lacoste tends to use a lot of cotton which can wrinkle when left on the dorm room floor, but as long as mom’s still doing their laundry the clothes will look fine.

No, there’s nothing earth shattering to this collection, but then Lacoste shoppers aren’t looking for anything earth shattering. They want comfortable, reasonably stylish sports wear and that’s exactly what the brand gives them, without having to go all the way to Sochi.

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