Jill Stuart is as well put together and classy as always with her spring/summer 2015 collection. So much so that for anyone familiar with the label there really isn’t a great deal to write. This season is very much classic Jill. No surprises, no frills, no silliness. She, once again, presented clean lines, wearable clothes, and pretty much impeccable taste. This line work for women of just about any age who really care about looking good.

To keep this from being too terribly short and boring, we can talk about some of the trends Jill brings to play for this season. Let’s start with the fact her collection is almost exclusively dresses. We’ve seen her do this on occasion previously. There was one shorts ensemble in the middle, done in dusty rose, and a few pants, most notably one suit at the end, but everything else was a dress or skirt ensemble so that the few exceptions almost felt out of place, despite the fact both are very well done and very attractive pieces.

Hem lines are consistently long, all the way down to mid-calf, regardless of styling. Broad belts cinch the waist of a number of looks, though one interesting exception was a very loose fitting tan ensemble with a rope tie at the middle so that the look had somewhat of a monastic appearance to it.

Solids dominated, with plenty of options within the range of pinks, reds, tans, and blues. There was one red and black rose print that made a few appearances, which was quite nice, and thin stripes on a few blouses gave some welcome variance  to the looks. One white ensemble stood out not so much because it was white but because the top was almost sheer, something that is a bit daring for Jill Stuart women.

Silhouettes are all relatively loose, though in different places and different ways. There were plenty of wrap tops and skirts, while others were more tunic styled, and still other’s had more masculine tailoring to them. No one look dominated, though the single bare shoulder look that appeared often was quite memorable and may well be a general trend for next spring.

If one was looking for surprises or the avant garde, Jill Stuart was not the show to attend. If one is looking for classic styling and solid tailoring, then a large portion of one’s wardrobe is going to be with this label.

Photo credit: Umberto Fratini

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