When one thinks of the Hervé Léger by Max Azria label, one thinks of the iconic bandage dress, tight fitting silhouettes, and a very modern take on the feminine form. Within those expectations, this spring/summer 2015 collection does not disappoint at all. The bandage dress has morphed a bit, with a more geographical form than we’ve previously seen, but still just as tailored and just as strong as ever.

What is different for this season is a slightly more open approach to separates. There were actually a few tops, especially early in the collection, with loose sleeves. Broad black belts brought tunic-styled tops in at the waist. There were actually a handful of skirts that didn’t hug the knees! What this does is actually open up the Hervé Léger label to people who don’t spend on their spare time in a gym. Whether that is a good thing or not, I can’t say. Broadening the audience is rarely a bad move, though.

One can hardly help but notice a greater abundance of black in this collection than what we’ve seen in the majority of spring/summer lines so far. While the little black dress is always a staple of any wardrobe, most spring lines tend to focus more on pastels and brighter colors. Max and Lubov use color as an accent rather often, instead of a primary base. It’s not until the last few pieces that we see an absence of black.

Standing out in this collection are some of the unique touches such as the narrow buckles, plastic coated basket weave, and geometric bead work. One gets the sense of tremendous amount of handwork gone into the creation of these pieces. Certainly, they are going to stand out from anything else one is likely to have in their closet. The looks are sharp, contemporary, and incredibly cool.

Also worth noting are the swimwear pieces scattered throughout the collection. Of course, one isn’t actually going to risk getting one of them wet in a chlorinated pool, but for those instances where one might want to just sit around looking incredibly fit and sexy, these are definitely the outfits one wants to wear.

As always, this Hervé Léger is something one wears out to places one wants to be noticed. This is not day wear. This is not something one wears to church. More often than not, one only has a single Hervé Léger piece in their closet at a time. These are special additions to one’s wardrobe that require special care and attention. One buys one because it looks phenomenal and wearing one guarantees getting plenty of attention. 

Now that I think about it, maybe this Hervé Léger by Max Azria collection should come with a warning label. This definitely is not a line for anyone who is shy.

Photo credit: Gio Staiano

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