Every once in a while someone will mention something about their “inner bad girl.” You know, that part of you that would be more likely to break the rules, dress inappropriately, talk a little too loud, come on a little too aggressively. Chances are almost every woman has an “inner bad girl,” and if one were to let that bad girl go shopping she would almost certainly head straight for Herve Leger by Max Azria.

If you are one of those people who thinks that Max’s BCBG line is edgy, and those people do exist, then his Herve Leger collection will make your jaw drop. For that matter, this collection made a few jaws drop even for those who knew what to expect. This is the kind of collection that reaches off the shelf, slaps you a couple of times, and threatens to cut you if you don’t buy it and take it home.

One gets a feel for the aggressive nature simply from the hair style models were sporting. Hair was pulled back just as tightly as possible into a pony tail with either bright red or bright blue extensions mixed in. If it appeared that models were a bit uncomfortable as they came down the catwalk, that hair style would explain why.

Silhouettes in this collection couldn’t be any more body hugging. in fact, these clothe are so tight fitting that I’m going to suggest one contact a tailor or seamstress before even considering purchasing one of these pieces. The only way they are going to look their best one anyone is to be tailored exactly to a specific body.

There is a futuristic feel to a majority of the clothes, with leather straps running across body suits and dresses in every direction. Large rubber cinches add an exaggerated emphasis on the waist, while broad-stripped fringe on skirts did the same for the legs and fur-covered sleeves for arms. Each feature should be considered carefully, but certainly works well when appropriate.

A large part of this collection is black, which is not surprising, but even when transitioning to lighter colors of pale grey, peach, and bone white, the sexiness remains strong with geometric patterns and strangely placed zippers. There’s nothing about any of these pieces that are mild, office appropriate, or even close to casual wear. Putting on one of these looks is itself a statement of some aggression and the rest of the world would do best to look out.

Go ahead, take a look. This Herge Leger collection is covetable, even if one doesn’t quite have the guts to wear it.

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