Here is the work of yet another young designer with Italian roots. While Georgine is not a rookie to New York this season, the 24-year-old designer is still young and, so far, has avoided being jaded by the ups and downs of the fashion industry. As a result, what she showed this afternoon is another collection designed for really strong women with a strength of character, women who are forces for change within their community, and women who are convinced one can be powerful and sexy all at the same time.

One of the first things that struck me, however, is just how diverse the model casting was for this show. If you’ve been paying any real attention over the past several years, you know that runways had gotten incredibly white over the past several years, to the point of being glaringly obvious. Change within the fashion community, no matter how positive, always comes a bit slow and we have see an increase in the casting of several models of various color across the runways this season. However, I do think Georgine somehow managed to track down models with just about every possible skin tone on the planet, from so white as to be almost translucent, to so dark and to wonder if the child was actually absorbing light. Then, she fit them with clothes that brought out their femininity and made every last one of them look good.

Chances are, you’re going to look good with this collection as well, especially if one likes metallic materials. Georgine starts with a tremendous amount of gold and orange, from a powerful maxi length dress, to dresses and separates mixed with white accents. She goes on to pink for a moment, before then turning her attention to various shades of blue. There are a few pieces that even fit into that blue/green realm known as turquoise, with matching jewelry, done extremely well and worth some consideration.

Most of the silhouettes fall on the fuller side, especially for separates, but at no time does anything here lose its femininity or its sex appeal. In fact, there are a couple of pieces within the collection that, depending upon one’s body type, might require some self censoring before being worn in public. Georgine very delicately walks that line where clothes are both powerful and sensual without being trashy. She includes head wraps that reference specific cultures, but still manage to work even on people who obviously haven’t seen the related continent. She does swimwear that is sultry but strong, and her gowns are nothing short of awe inspiring.

Georgine’s is a very rare collection, a very rare presentation, and one I hope we see more often across the years. She shows a tremendous amount of promise and sensitivity to the complexities of women’s fashion. She should do quite well.

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison

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