If you are under the age of 30 and have a reasonably active social life, or if you like pretending you are under 30 with a reasonably active social life, then I strongly suggest you shop Diesel Black Gold this fall. However, before you go shopping you should do one very important thing: buy a big coat. You’re going to need it.

Actually, Diesel Black Gold has a couple of really cool coats, too, so you can do everything in one stop. But yes, in keeping with the trend of super-short skirts and bare shoulders and I-can-see-your-_____ sheers, be aware that there’s not much here that is going to keep you warm on that walk between your car and the night club. Hypothermia doesn’t take long, children.

Designer Andreas Melbostad really puts the emphasis on black this season. The color dominates all but a handful of looks, and those handful are monochrome white. Some are sparkly, some are textured, and some are great for showing off that new tattoo without quite getting arrested for indecency.

Many of the silhouettes here, at first glance, seem to be future-oriented. Pay close attention, though, and one realizes that this concept of the future comes straight out of 1960s science fiction. Can a look be futuristic and retro at the same time? Strangely enough, this does.

Especially fun with a number of these looks is the way Andreas has implemented zippers in places one doesn’t normally expect to be zipped, such as along the right panel of a shirt, or in a slight S curve along the front of a dress. I can’t speak to how functional these zippers might be (running onto the catwalk and testing the merchandise is rather frowned upon), but the look is very sleek and very cool.

While the mirrored pieces are well-done and very attractive, I would be a bit concerned as to how difficult cleaning those garments may be. Certainly they need to be taken to a dry cleaner, but even then one probably wants to make sure it is the rare establishment that actually does the cleaning on site so that precise care instructions can be given.

This is also a collection for the very trim and very fit. If there happens to be an unsightly bulge anywhere, these clothes are going to exaggerate that flaw. No, don’t try just buying it a size larger. Something that doesn’t fit is going to look equally ridiculous. If you want to look this cool, you have to pay the price and only eat every other Wheatie.

Melbostand has a very strong collection for the Diesel Black Gold brand this season, one that is well designed, well grounded, and likely to be very popular. If you’re cool, you’ll wear this.

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