Diane von Furstenberg is an unquestionable legend in New York fashion and her shows never fail to draw anyone and everyone who wants to be seen standing as close to the cultural icon as possible. Her silhouettes haven’t changed a great deal over the past ten years or so, but the fabrics and styles are constantly evolving and even her famous wrap dress received a slightly different treatment this season than it has before. Could one skip the DVF show in favor of other things, such as a nap? Sure, the reality is that the show itself is pretty ordinary. All the glitz and glamour came with her anniversary last year. This year, everything is back to normal and just a little on the side of hum drum. However, this is  DVF. Missing this show is like missing the circus; no matter how many times you’ve been before it’s always entertaining.

Black and white gingham checks are the primary theme for this spring/summer 2015 collection and the pattern is present, at least in the background, for over half of the first 20 looks. Gingham works well with the DVF style; it’s homey and comforting, which is rather how many people feel about von Furstenberg. There is also a tree/leaf/blossom thing going and we see that slowly take root and bloom, most notably in a blue/white print just a little over halfway through the presentation. The gingham is never really quite absent and keeps popping up again and again even after one might assume we’ve left it behind. As we get deeper into the collection, the color palette gets a little bolder with a bright pink floral and then a couple of stunning yellow prints, one of which very much felt as thought the sunshine had entered the room. The final piece is an absolutely gorgeous pink/white/orange abstract baby doll dress  worn masterfully by Naomi Campbell, who probably received more applause and acclaim than did the dress.

There is no such thing as a DVF collection that disappoints. While fabrics are pretty standard knits and poplin, with touches of lace and chiffon tossed in at appropriate places, the look is always beautiful. Staying on trend, there are some creative cutouts, cropped tops, and flowing maxi skirts, which  everyone is going to want next spring. The gingham look is sometimes a little campy, especially with a couple of tops that get puffy in the bust and remind one too much of Dorothy and Kansas, but for the most part she keeps the look modern and exciting. Waist lines continue to be very high, as they are everywhere this season. But shorter women will enjoy several of the two and three piece ensembles, especially those with really cute matching jackets.

Were we blown away by anything in the DVF lineup? Nah, not even close. Yet, after seeing runway after runway full of new and exciting, it’s nice to see a collection that makes us feel comfortable. I think it’s telling that by the end of the show there was a smile on every face in the room. Pulling off that trick takes real talent and the kind of class that only someone like Diane von Furstenberg brings to the stage. Chalk up another win for DVF. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Photo credit: Yannis Vlamos


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