Days get long during fashion weeks. We all start incredibly early and end incredibly late with not nearly enough time to sleep in between.  Fashion shows are serious business. So, when a presentation comes along that make the extra effort to bring a smile to your face, it is very much appreciated. This afternoon, just as most of us were getting word of comedienne Joan Rivers’ passing, Desigual took on the awesome task of making us smile, and did so with rousing success.

Let’s start with model choice. One rarely sees top models on the first day out, but the first beautiful face down this runway belonged to Adriana Lima. She was followed by a host of equally beautiful young ladies all smiling, all adorned with brightly colored crowns of paper flowers on their heads.  They danced. They flirted. Some even held up signs with messages such as, “Looking for a boyfriend.” [Sorry, I’m taken.] Immediately, this fun-paced troupe went about turning dour faces into smiling ones and they didn’t stop until they’d converted everyone in the room.

Of course, the models were certainly aided by the fact the clothes they were wearing were as bright as their smiles. The color palette was as broad as that really super-large box of crayons one had as a kid. Floral patterns were loud and large, shouting out even when done in black and white (which was amazing). Waving lines and polka dots intermingled with the flowers so there was never a shortage of things to attract the eyes. This is a very busy collection in more ways than one.

Silhouettes were fitted just enough to keep dresses from looking sloppy; they weren’t overly tight by any means, but still flatter a wearer who pays at least modest attention to her figure. Skirt lengths range from the moderately short to the very, very short, with a handful of sheer maxi prints thrown in for fun. Plenty of sleeveless looks abound with your choice of strap width. Playful jumpers and some truly  amazing pants are going to require a tissue to wipe away the drool. These looks scream summer fun, but there are also very attractive jackets for those evenings when the temps fall just a bit on the cool side.

The Desigual team presented a beautifully wild and colorful collection in a beautifully wild and wonderful way. For the finale walk, models returned with paper cones full of flower petals which they happily spread all over everything and every one. With a lively soundtrack and a party atmosphere, who couldn’t help but smile?

In fashion, timing is everything and today Desigual’s timing was perfect.

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Photo credit: Valerio Mezzanotti

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