TREND ALERT: The spoke wheel design is officially a trend for spring/summer 2015. I’ve seen it now in some form in 15 different collections. Now that the trend has been stated, of course, it is immediately passé and should not be used.

That is probably the only thing of value one is likely to receive from this review. I’ve no problem stating that I don’t like Dennis Basso as a designer. Not only are his clothes lacking in originality,wearability, comfort, and impact, but his continued use of fur, even in this spring/summer collection, possibly makes him the most socially out of touch and irrelevant designer to be showing at Lincoln Center.

Mind you, I’m far from being a PETA member. I eat meat. I wear leather boots. I have little problem with appropriate uses of animal byproduct. However, fur is unquestionably the most unnecessary material used in fashion. Technology has made it possible for quite some time to develop materials that are softer and protect heat infinitely better than does natural fur without damaging the environment in any way. Since most furs are obtained from small animals who cannot be used for other purposes such as food, harvesting the fur is nothing short of inhumane cruelty. And don’t even get me started on how pretentious one is to actually be caught wearing new fur. Why would one do that?

Why would anyone with a  lick of sense use so damn much for in a spring/summer collection?! Basso is simply designing clothes for the purpose of being ostentatious with absolutely no regard for any social obligation.

As for the several pieces without fur, I must say they were totally unoriginal, uninspiring, and on far too many occasions appeared to be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. While he utilized a significant number of trends we’ve seen this season, his treatment of them was staid and boring. I suffered through the whole mess and could not find even one piece that struck me as being worthwhile.

I would love to see the fashion community put Dennis Basso out to pasture. They won’t, of course, because he has a very pretentious market of buyers with far too much expendable income for anyone’s good. Why rich people waste money on such horrid clothes is something I’ve never understood.

So, don’t bother even looking at Dennis Basso’s spring line. Forget it exists. We both have better things to do.

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison

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