A lot has been said leading up to this fashion season about diversity on the runway, or more specifically, the lack of diversity. Already with the shows we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t appear much has changed. If anything, some of the color palettes seem to purposefully augment pale skin. Thankfully, Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters chose to buck the trend with their Creatures of the Wind Fall/Winter 2014 show. They presented what may be the most diverse group of models we’ve seen on a runway in at least 15 years, if not more.

The garments themselves were soft, muted, billowy, and largely minimalistic. Mixed patterns and a variety of fabrics work together surprisingly well with looks that are mature without being old or stodgy.

Strong points are glistening metalics, most frequently appearing in a variety of skirt styles, and capelettes that are delightfully stylish and should go well with a variety of pieces already in one’s closet. Longer skirts are versatile to go from work to evening activities with a simple change in jackets or sweaters. The braided bangs that gave models a unique short-hair look is also going to be extremely popular and a style I would hope to see often throughout the season.

What’s not likely to play as well are the mink pageboy hats that made multiple appearances. Not only are they not cruelty-friendly, mink isn’t exactly practical for the busy, down-to-earth woman that the brand attracts. I’m not sure who talked the guys into including this element, but its one the collection definitely didn’t need.

Styling for this show was questionable at times. While the individual pieces themselves are quite nice and very well done, some of the pairings looked as though they were put together in a dark closet. I think most woman can do better pairing jackets and coats with pieces they already have in their wardrobe.

Such versatility is what makes the Creatures of the Wind brand valuable, though. I can easily see several of these pieces making their way to racks at Saks Fifth Avenue and other stores, and selling quite well. The line is definitely one worth consideration.

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