Costello Tagliapietra
Costello Tagliapietra F/W 2015. Photo credit: Gio Staiano/NowFashion

Jeffery Costello and Robert Tagliapietra may be one of the cutest couples at NYFW. It’s heartwarming to watch the way they interact with each other, defer to each other in interviews, and yes, even occasionally finish each other’s sentences. When they came out at the end of this afternoon’s presentation holding hands, many wanted to give way with an “awwwwww,” but noticeably held back because, well, this is New York and we don’t get sentimental like that here.

Costello and Tagliapietra is easily the most hyped show on today’s schedule, if not for the entire week. The duo that brought us lumberjack fashion has been saying for a while that this season’s clothes were going to be a reflection of their personal style. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person expecting dresses of plaid cotton and tan corduroy slacks with suspenders and, to be honest, there was a bit of that look here and there throughout the collection. What made the whole set work, though, is how brilliantly subtle they were with some of their touches. Plaids, yes, but subtle, not cotton but silk, creating gentle plaids by laying similarly colored threads over each other. Suspenders were a delightful touch, and possibly my favorite interpretation and the duo actually found a way to make them look feminine with how they blend them into the overall look.

Colors reflected the season, the walk in the woods the couple had talked about in previous interviews. Deep reds and greens were the most common and probably will be the biggest sellers, though the orange and brown were nice as well. A woodland print was a bit obvious, but nicely done and worked especially well with the dresses to which it was applied. Several people seemed to be excited over the heavy knit colored tights and leggings, which is certainly understandable given the temperatures.

What really set this collection apart, though, were the three-piece suits, with slightly abbreviated vests and wide lapels on the jackets. These gave a very soft, very feminine look to a traditionally masculine style. I fully expect this to be a dominant look come fall.

Not everyone is into the hipster lumberjack look, and that’s okay, but this Costello Tagliapietra collection is strong enough to appeal to even the most anti-hipster style maven. For all the hype, Jeffery and Robert lived up to the talk and give us a collection we can look forward to pulling off the shelves as soon as they hit stores. Isn’t that sweet? Yes, yes it is.

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