Dresses are the name of the game for Max Azria’s BCBG spring collection, and a most beautiful collection of dresses they are. The looks are very modern, very contemporary in their styling, but at the same time very wearable and, as we expect from Max, the sort of thing one can mix with other pieces already in one’s wardrobe, especially if one is a habitual BCBG shopper. In fact, new technology introduced by the label this season allowed the devoted to place orders directly from the runway so there will be no waiting once the production pieces are available next spring.

This is such an incredibly feminine collection that I cannot help but wonder if we’re not seeing more and more of Lubov’s influence on her husband’s designs. Certainly, it has been increasing from one season to the next, but what we see this morning is a significant shift to much softer fabrics, more careful tailoring,  and some surprising detail that really sets this collection apart.

From the outset, one cannot help but notice the very pastel palette. Pinks dominate pretty much through the whole set, though there is some taupe, delightful shades of blue, and a smattering of white. No black  touches  in this collection at all, though, again emphasizing softness and femininity. There are a few floral and diagonally striped patterns, but only a few that provide some contrast to the looks.

Perhaps the most surprising element from this collection is the attention given to sleeves. While they vary from the very short to very long (and at times non-existent), they are given a lot of room, a great deal of decoration, and even some occasional ruffle. One particular piece with only one sleeve almost seemed to scream, “Hey, I’ve got the arm! Look at me!” We’re not talking about any degree of ostentation, mind you, but certainly more attention than we have seen since perhaps the 1970s.

What sells this collection, at least for me, are the jackets that pop up occasionally. As light as many of these pieces are, one is going to need some form of covering on those cooler spring nights. The jackets in this collection are very well styled and a couple of them could easily stand on their own. They provide a touch of practicality we don’t always see with the BCBG brand. One is also likely to notice that the asymmetrical hem lines  are all long, at least mid-calf if not full length. Loose and flowing, frequently with panels of sheer and lace touches, they give the dresses wonderful motion as you walk. Lest one think Max is getting conservative in his stylings, though, neck lines often plunge deep and those skirts have very long, sensual slits. BCBG is classy and sexy at the same time.

I think women are likely to flock to this softer touch of BCBG Max Azria. With pre-ordering options plentiful, I won’t be surprised to see these looks gracing sidewalks just as soon as spring temps allow.

BCBG Max Azria website

BCBG Max Azria on Facebook

Photo credit: Allesandro Garofalo/Indigitalimages.com

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