Uhm, you’re gonna have to give me a minute to recover. Anna Sui stepped back in history and pulled out every popular counter culture and rock-and-roll look from the 1970s and brought them back in glorious, sparkling detail. I’ll be with you in a minute, but, uhm, yeah, I’m trippin’ man.

[insert 90 minute to consult with Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong]

Okay, we’re good. Let’s talk through this.

Anna Sui really embraced the 1970s hippy counter culture movement with her spring/summer 2015 collection. So, a word of advice to everyone under 25: Ask your grandparents if you can explore their attics before you bother going shopping.

Wait, scratch that. Actually, in a lot of ways, what Anna presented this evening was actually better than what we had the first time around. By using new, contemporary, light weight fabrics she was able to reproduce the looks without having to suffer through all the weight that came along with them. All those beautiful, hand-decorated appliqued jackets weight a ton the first time around. Now? The durable fabrics hold less than a third of the weight while providing more that twice the protection from the cold. One of the most beautiful things she’s done is bring back the cool and colorful tapestry coat, but instead of a garment that could easily weigh twenty pounds (and a lot more if it ever got wet), we have lightweight, shiny, colorful coats that are not much heavier than the average windbreaker. We would have been so very much happier to have had these fabrics!

All the popular looks and styles from the 70s are here. Pants and jeans sit high on the waist, tight on the butt, and bell bottomed at the end. There are scarves around almost every neck. What Anna does to the halter top is nothing short of brilliant. Remember those long princess sleeves on girl’s blouses? Yes, they’re back. Wide lapels dominate the guy’s sports jackets that are actually buttoned. Long, knit sweater dresses with crocheted vests are here, too. Orange, crushed velvet bell bottoms!! That whole striped-pant thing that Lief Garret had going? It’s here. AND, are you ready for this? Elvis Presley’s silver jumpsuit, complete with impossibly long scarf ready to be tossed to adoring fans! Anne quilted the thing.

Oh, and I can’t forget the incredible footwear Anna brings with this collection. We wish we had shoes this cool, especially all the wonderfully colorful boots. Ms. Sui not only did her homework, she did an amazing job of improving pretty much every piece of 1970s nostalgia she touched.

Dear children, you need to start saving your pennies, maybe take on a second or third job, and mark your calendars for March when these pieces finally hit store shelves. While young adults may be Ms. Sui’s primary market, I think it’s a pretty safe bet there will be a fair number of old timers like me racing to grab up these incredible pieces as well. After all, we have long held regret over ever getting rid of them in the first place. Once we get our hands on them in the stores, we’re not letting go.

You’ve been warned.

Photo credit: Gio Staiano.

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