NYC During Quarantine

My life in New York as a freelance photographer has come to a screeching halt on March 22 when we were ordered to shelter in place, or as Governor Cuomo liked to call it be put on pause.

Any scheduled jobs and a trip to see my family in Germany in May were canceled. New facts about the corornavirus in New York came out daily. My husband and I spent the first week of the lockdown scanning the news and talking to friends and family incessantly.

Since I moved to New York from Germany two decades ago I have always

photographed people and street life. So I am trying to keep doing that in these pandemic times as well.
I just bring my camera along on my walks and errand runs.

I am drawn more than ever to nature and I have never cooked so regularly in my life.

Gudrun Georges

March 18

A wholesale fishmonger who lost all regular business due to closing restaurants sells now to the public. A little highlight for locked in Manhattanites.

People are leaving the city.

March 21

We were told not to touch our face and wash our hands frequently.
This lady got creative with her protection.

March 26

It was a shocking sight to see people so decked out in protective gear. They told me that they live with a roommate who is compromised and whose health they need to protect.

March 27

7 pm is appreciation time to honor ‘front line workers.’

Delivery Man. Super essential.

Essential businesses are allowed to stay open. Ben sells magazines and coffee. Social distancing is practiced. No browsing.
There was no mask requirement yet. But social distancing was recommended and non-essential stores were closed. Jack lives in the neighborhood and was wondering when he could get his next haircut.

March 29

A lot of retailers boarded up their stores. This picture is in Soho. Normally we have only seen this kind of precaution to guard against a hurricane. It felt eerie.

March 30

This was one of many laundromats closing even though they were deemed essential businesses.
Many New Yorkers don’t have washing machines in their apartments or buildings. Myself included.
(Happy to report that a number of laundromats have since reopened)

April 1

Left: He walked all the way over from Brooklyn with all his gear to capture the empty city in Soho.

Right: Broadway, Soho

April 4

Past, Present & Future psychic readings are now done over the phone.

April 6

Washington Square Park.
Spring this year is beautiful. We have to stay indoors mostly…..

Great style. We can still get coffee to go in NYC which is great. The city runs on that stuff.

A neighbor and friend. I appreciate these quick unplanned encounters much more than I did before the lockdown.

April 11

West Village, 7th Ave South.
There are hardly any cars. The air seems to be super clean. People make the most of their outside time.

April 15

Waiting in line to go grocery shopping on Ave A.

Two girls on Ave A, East Village.
Gyms are closed. Everybody is asked to stay inside but for walks and running errands. A lot of New Yorkers, especially young people live in small and often shared apartments. Exercise is crucial and people get creative.

April 19

Adapting quickly to new demands. Union Square.

She has Times Square to herself.

Grand Central Station Concourse.

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