No Carhartts at Indy’s Super Bowl Village

Our city is about to get a lot of national and international attention. Downtown Indianapolis is going to go into sensory overload with around the clock events, music, and sports. Here’s our chance to show visitors that Indianapolis style is not just a bunch of corn-fed, beer drinking Carhartt wearing Hoosiers!

The Super Bowl Village opens January 27 with outdoor entertainment that lasts until the Super Bowl. Outdoor entertainment means one thing during winter: Staying warm. Guys! As you’re thinking about “staying warm” and wearing a “warm jacket”, please don’t even think about wearing your Carhartt to the Super Bowl Village! Let’s attempt to show some fashion sense to those visiting our city. I mean football fans can’t wear their team gear 24/7, or at least I hope not. The gear is great for some things, but not appropriate dress for a night out. I have put together two style guides to assist in dressing warm for the Super Bowl Village.


There are three pieces that guys will need to make sure they have ready for outdoor partying: COAT, SCARF, and BOOT

The foundation of a winter outfit is the coat. When visiting and partying at the Super Bowl Village, the outerwear is just as important as what is under the coat.

A good coat is a coat with a hood, especially, if you don’t want to mess up your hair by wearing a hat. A hooded jacket with a faux fur hood is a great way to keep yourself from freezing your face off. I recommend checking out stores that sell snowboarding products and apparel. The one thing that is really good about those coats are that they are thinner, but are constructed with technology to adjust body heat temperature. Snowboarding/skiing coats are also often more fashioned after regular street wear trends. I found some great jackets on PacSun‘s website. Believe it or not, there were age appropriate jackets for a wide age range.

After a jacket is selected, pick out a graphic scarf. Think of a good graphic scarf as a graphic T shirt. A scarf is a great way to add some color and texture to your winter outfit. Nordstrom has an ETRO scarf that has a perfect balance of graphic and color. I personally love a long jersey scarf.

The last step is adding the footwear. Cool boots can make the whole outfit. My personal standard go-to boot brand is Aldo. It is a great option for trendy footwear for men. The chances that there will be snow on the ground are fairly high for Indianapolis, so save your socks and go for a cool boot you can wear out.

Another good staple jacket for guys is a wool pea-coat. Just about ANYONE can pull off the pea coat – it looks great and is comfortble. Nordstrom sells a great Burberry wool pea-coat, but there are many stores that offer a budget friendly option. Just remember guys; a good jacket is an investment. If you buy a quality, well made coat in a classic design (a pea-coat is a good example) it could last you many winters. Pea-coats are also good to dress up or dress down. Perfect for hanging with your buddies at the Superbowl Village and still work if you end up hitting one of the VIP parties around town.

To add some excitement to the look, I selected a neutral colored scarf with a bold color pop. To show off your team support, look for a scarf that shares that same colors as your favorite team. Just remember a well made wool scarf will be your best option for the winter weather.

I selected a boot a little more tradition is style, but with a unique color. Again guys, Aldo is a budget friendly option to find a trendy boot. Just make sure you weather treat your leather products properly before wearing them in the snow.

A guy’s winter look doesn’t have to be complicated, but too often guys just throw on the same old jacket that they have worn for years. A fashion conscious jacket will not only make you feel more confident, but will also not embarrass you when entering the party. There are just 3 things to remember:  COAT, SCARF, and BOOT. Enjoy the events that are happening in our own backyard, just don’t look a mess doing it. I don’t care how cold it is… just say NO to CARHARTTS!

What do you plan to wear to the Super Bowl Village? Leave a comment below and tell me. If you think you really put together a perfect outfit, tweet us a picture @Patternindy or @_Jeremiah_ .


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