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Steph Weber, who goes by the alias Trendy In Indy, is a blogger, brand manager, and buyer in Indianapolis. Using her blogging platform, she hopes to show others how to be the best versions of themselves. Her other goal is to show residents and visitors alike that Indy is a cool, creative place to live when you’re young. 

Allie Coppedge: Why did you start blogging?

Steph Weber: I have been in the fashion industry for the last seven years, and I’m the general manager and buyer for RaeLynn’s Boutique. I started there in high school. That was my very first job that I ever had, so I fell in love with the industry pretty much instantly. I’ve done different internships, and I’ve just always been in the fashion industry. When I was in college, I realized  I wanted to do something that I was really passionate about while staying within the fashion industry. So I thought blogging would be a great outlet for me, especially as I love being creative with writing and photography.

AC: Did it take you awhile to get comfortable with blogging, or did it come naturally?

SW: I write, communicate, and speak very easily, so that part of it wasn’t very difficult for me. I would say the most difficult part, especially now, is the creative planning. I have to make sure that my Instagram feed is cohesive and my content timely and relevant. If you talk about something too late, then you’ve missed the boat in the fashion industry. It’s ever-changing and moves so quickly so you have to stay on top of trends and what’s going to be hot.

AC: How have you seen your style evolve since you started blogging?

SW: This is so hard for me to answer because my style is all over the place. For example, this morning as I was walking out the door my husband said to me, “are you going to be on set of Pirates of the Caribbean this morning?” With my blog, I decided when I started it that I was going to stay true to who I was, regardless of who wanted to collaborate with me or who didn’t. I have a very strong personal brand and I knew that I didn’t want that to change within my blog. So I continue with my all-over-the-place style and that’s fine with me and it works. If you like it, great, and if you don’t, then don’t follow me.

AC: Who has influenced you the most in terms of your style?

SW: That’s a tricky question. There’s a blogger I love, her name is Olivia Rink, and she’s based out of Chicago. Her style is classic and timeless and she’s fun and girly, which I love about her. She also has this edgy vibe to her, so she’s got a versatile style in that way. If you look at her feed, you can see how cohesive it is, so I would say she’s my inspiration for being a blogger. As far as a fashion inspiration, I’m not sure that I have someone specifically. I’m not one that follows these hardcore top designers, I stay up with the trends in fast fashion and things that are realistic for me. But I do have a Coco Chanel quote by my vanity space, it says “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”

AC: What have been your favorite experiences with a brand?

SW: The great thing about blogging is that it connects you to so many different people, companies, and businesses. My blog is very Indianapolis focused, I’ve grown up in Indy, I love the city, and I think it’s so important to support other local businesses here. I’ve worked with Eva Maison, they have a location in Broad Ripple and in the Keystone Fashion Mall. They are a beauty company and all the products they carry are either locally made here or elsewhere, but they’re all organic and natural products. I had the best experience with them, they’re so great, and I love that they’re Indiana based, plus their products are incredible. I was nervous at first because I’m so brand loyal when it comes to beauty, so I wasn’t sure about it and the all natural thing, but I love them. The second experience would be Saks Fifth Avenue, I know they’re corporate, but the Indy store was so much fun to work with. I did an event with them where I collaborated with NARS, which is a beauty line that they carry, so that collaboration was really fun for me too.

AC: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Indy blogging scene?

SW: With Indy, people think that we eat corn all day and go to the racetrack and that’s about it! They don’t really think, oh, Indianapolis, Midwest fashion, that’s cool. So I thought with my blog that was something that I could really bring to light, but I still think that people have this East coast/West coast vibe with the fashion industry. It can be kind of difficult to break those barriers. I would say that it’s just so much fun to talk about Indianapolis as a city, especially as a young city. It’s such a great city, especially for my demographic, because I’m 24, I’m a young professional, and that’s huge for Indy, it’s such a growing industry.

AC: Did you ever consider leaving Indy, and if so, what made you stay?

SW: I did an internship in New York City, which is incredible. I absolutely love the city, it’s my second home. I think that it’s really great if you are maybe single or not married to the idea of having a lot of personal space, because that just doesn’t exist there. Anyway, I did an internship there with Faviana, a company that designs dresses. We buy dresses from them for RaeLynn’s and I loved them, they’re a great company. They’re family owned and that’s really cool and different, you don’t usually find that with a designer in NYC. My husband, that I have been with for eight years now, came out to visit me while I was there and said “I am never moving here, so you may go but I am not coming”. We’ve been together for so long that that was definitely a part of what influenced my decision, but also the fact that I am from the Midwest and my whole family is here. I knew that I wanted to raise my family here, not in New York City. I go visit every summer and at least once a year which is really nice. When you’re in NYC, you get in this little bubble and when you come out of it you’re like oh my gosh there’s another world.

With Indy, people think that we eat corn all day and go to the racetrack and that’s about it! So I thought with my blog that [fashion] was something that I could really bring to light.

AC: I also saw you started a youtube page, do you plan to shift your content production to that page or maintain both platforms equally?

SW: As I mentioned earlier, I feel like my communication skills are one of my best qualities and so I thought that Youtube was a really good space to be able to use those skills as well. I would say it’s just an addition to the blog, I’m not going to totally shift my content there. It’s definitely something that I’m still learning and still growing with, because I don’t do the video editing on my own, I have somebody awesome that helps me with that. I’m definitely exploring.

AC: Favorite up and coming brand or clothing line?

SW: I encourage people to shop a brand that is a local boutique, whether it’s RaeLynn’s, Dottie Couture, Magnolia, or whoever it may be. Those local businesses are somebody’s small little dream and they’re just trying to build it as much as they can. And in Indy I think that’s so important to support. As far as a larger scale, I love the Vici Dolls, who I found on Instagram, and Show me your Mumu are really fun too. I shop Express and Nordstrom, those are the two big companies I really follow and buy from. Other than that I would say I really try to stay local.

AC: What trends are you noticing for fall fashion?

SW: I love fall fashion! Trends that we’ll always see are the big chunky sweaters, which kind of lead into winter. We saw blanket scarves a couple of years ago, then again last year, but I’m not sure that we’ll see them again this year. They’re maybe a trend that’s going to fade a little bit, but we’ll see. We’re probably going to see the pleather/leather leggings and continue to see the distressed trend. We’ll continue to see embroidery, which has been huge for spring and that will segway and lead into fall as well. Peep toe booties will be huge again because they’re really great. Those are just some basic things but I’m excited to see what else will be out there and what will be new.

AC: What’s next for you? What goals do you hope to achieve in the future?

SW: The biggest one for me is just to continue to grow my blog, my following, and to talk to my audience. I’m a very transparent blogger, so I blog about my personal life, fashion, and advice/tips in life; all of these different kinds of things. I don’t just talk about fashion, I try to really be well-rounded and I also incorporate beauty as well. So I would say continue to grow that following and hopefully it just explodes someday, that would be really cool. Continuing to go to events and make connections, whether it be local businesses, or businesses all over the United States. One of my big goals is to go to New York Fashion Week in September. I would love to do that, I’ve never been and I think that would be so cool. We’ll see, but I’m just along for the ride right now and we’ll see where life takes me.

You can find Stephanie on her website and follow her on Instagram.

Photography by Esther Boston

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