My Style with Mark Dubec: Nicole Pence

Mark Dubec talks to Channel 13 reporter and anchor Nicole Pence about finding time for style when you wake up before sunrise (it involves careful planning and a handy little app). The Emmy nominee and DePauw grad has a handful of tips about looking girly chic and camera-ready, even at the crack of dawn. 

 Describe what a typical day at work is like for you.

It’s a long day. If I’m anchoring the Weekend Sunrise show, I get in at 4:30AM, read all my scripts, and then I anchor a three hour show solo. After that I go out and try to find news for the day. Generally my job is to find out what people are talking about in central Indiana and then make it more informative. I get the latest updates and then put them on television.

 How does getting up so early affect your style?

I lay out my clothes every night. For two reasons: One, I’m too tired in the morning to think creatively. And two, I make sure I didn’t wear the same thing within the last two weeks. Being a fashion-minded person is really important to me. You are going to laugh but, I use Instagram to see what I’ve worn. I look at it, and up in the corner of the picture it will say “six weeks ago,” and I’m like, “Great I can wear that dress again!”

 How would you describe your “style?”

Classy feminine— I really like the femininity of fashion. I love pastels and pop colors. It doesn’t mean you always have to wear a dress, but if you are going to wear a blazer, for instance, then include a feminine accent piece—big hoop earrings, necklace, or rings—I think you should play with your femininity.

How does working on TV influence your choices?

It is true that TV adds ten pounds! People will say, “you look so much smaller in person,” and that is something that I have to get over. I wear a blazer, and the camera just makes it look boxy, and I lose that femininity I desire.

 What kind of clothing do you like to wear the least?

I don’t like dull colors. When viewers tune in, regardless of content, they want to feel warmth. So even if I’m reporting on a tragedy, and I’m wearing a dark maroon color, I don’t think it’s warm or inviting. I feel like I want to make sure the viewers feel welcome and comfortable.

Who have you modeled your style after?

Blake Lively has great style, and Natalie Morales never wears dull colors and certainly embraces her femininity.

 What should every woman have in her closet?

A gold purse. I think gold is extremely feminine. A gold hand clutch, I think it just screams confidence. And I like that.

 Where do you shop for clothes?

The two places I shop the most are probably Banana Republic and Ann Taylor, but I love boutiques- I go to Niche in Broad Ripple and Secret Ingredient.

nicole-pence-1-300x300What is your favorite color to wear? 

Teal. I think best thing you can do is play to your skin color or eyes. My eyes are a teal/blue combination so if I wear teal or blue it pops my eyes even more.

Is there a piece of clothing or jewelry that is special to you?

I wear a ring that I got as a gift a few years back. I love it because it’s rose-gold, and it’s an antique. It has a turquoise stone in it. For some reason the ring is very different, and I love adding vintage pieces when possible.

 How do you deal with viewer feedback about your style?

It’s either, “Where did you get that top?” or “You should burn that shirt.” I do read every email and response that comes in, and I will push back at times, but I always say, “thank you for watching and commenting.” Viewer feedback is important, but it doesn’t necessarily change my approach to fashion. But if I’m worried about a particular outfit and enough emails come in…that one will be retired. (laughs)

What is more important on the set, your hair or clothing?

I think it’s more important to have your hair look better. In my profession, hair can be so distracting, and I’ve had way too many hair problems. I would like to say fashion, but at the end of the day with the cameras and the close ups…hair.

You can follow Nicole on twitter @NicolePence and catch her on Weekend Sunrise on WTHR.

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