My Style: Maddie Pattengale

Photography by Jamar Mitchell

Maddie Pattengale is an Indianapolis based content creator with an amazing sense of style! She grew up all over the Midwest and East Coast, but has spent most of her childhood in Rochester, New York, and Evansville, Indiana. When she’s not sharing parts of her life, traveling, or collaborating with brands, she is a Technical Recruiter at Anchor Point Technology Resources. She modeled two of her favorite outfits and shared some of her style inspirations with PATTERN below!

What is your earliest memory of a noticeable interest in fashion?
Other than That’s So Raven, definitely the first time I watched Pretty in Pink. The scene of Molly Ringwald making her own prom dress was the coolest thing to me. I loved that her character embraced being different and having such a unique style (ON A BUDGET!!).

Who or what influences your style? 
So many different things influence my style. I always start off my day looking at the Revolve Hot List and the different “Looks We Love” sections. It also really helps if I’m shopping for a specific occasion (wedding, vacation, night out, etc.). I draw so much inspiration from their looks.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?
@sivanayla for lifestyle, @msstephwillis for beauty and @laurenbushnell for fashion.

Describe your personal style in four words or one phrase. 
Luxe. Edgy. Classic.

What’s your go to item in your closet? 
Levis. They make everything better.

Who are your favorite designers, and what do you like about their designs? 
Maeve, House of Harlow, Lovers + Friends. All of them are classic with trendy aspects that makes them unique. Maeve is a really great line that combines trendy and vintage, if you’re more into the old school vibes. If you want a more-modern/chic take on a current trend, House of Harlow and Lovers + Friends will never let you down.

Did you ever consider leaving the indy area? If so, what made you stay?
We actually left the Indy area last year to follow my dream of being in small business as a fashion buyer. Unfortunately / fortunately it didn’t work out, and now we’re back in Indy and we LOVE it here. I love the amount of options here when it comes to places to eat, shop, hang out, and people to network with. That’s something we lacked when we moved.

What trends are you noticing for spring fashion?
Lots of pastels, neons and mixed patterns. I’m a sucker for the soft lavender and emerald greens that took over NYFW.

What’s next for you? What short and long-term goals are on your list?
I’m actually traveling back to Italy and Spain with one of my best friends! We’ll be exploring wine country and hanging out in some of the best fashion districts in the world! Short term goals: Become a homeowner! Long term goals: This is more of a bucket list item – but my husband and I want to travel to at least 20 countries.

Define Fashion.
A form of expression that is unique to you and allows you to feel confident.

Favorite fashion icon.
Kristin Cavallari – She always crushes red carpet looks and her everyday fashion is on point and attainable. Everything she puts together is simple, neutral, and feminine. I was a huge fan of Laguna Beach and The Hills so she’s been my fashion inspo for years.

Worst fashion trend.
Dad sneakers. Sorry y’all, I can’t get into it.

Best fashion trend.
Mixed patterns. I am living for it!

You can keep up with Maddie on her Instagram!

Shoutout to @groundedplantfloralco for letting us use their location to shoot!

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