My Style with Mark Dubec: Lindsay Hadley, Young and Laramore

In this month’s installation of My Style, Mark Dubec hooks up with Young & Laramore’s Art Director Lindsay Hadley to talk artsy style, Steve Martin, and the joys of scoring great fashion on the cheap.

MD: How would you describe your “style?”

Lindsay: I think it’s like “Punky Brewster chic.” Patterns, interesting earrings and definitely a lot of color. I’ve always liked color. If I look back at my 2nd grade pictures I think I still wear the same color palettes. I’m also very frugal. I love finding things at Forever 21 and then having someone say they love my necklace. It’s like,“Yes!!”

You’re an Art Director at an advertising agency, what does that mean exactly?

My grandma would say I make things pretty. It’s basically taking strategy and making it look good. Finding the right illustrator or photographer for a job. Carrying on the look of a campaign. Making sure everything is cohesive and keeping the look fresh. Part of my job is to soak in as much cool design as possible, put that in a martini glass, and shake it up.

Pick three famous people dead or alive that you would like to model your style after?

I love Michelle Williams and her funky hair do. I like Maggie Gyllenhaal. She always has artsy items on, and her hair is always messed up- I like that. Maybe I just want to go shopping with Tina Fey. We will go to Target and drink a soda.

What kind of clothing do you like to wear the least?

Shorts. Fitted Suits. I’m an A-line skirt kind of girl. Just cinch the waist and cover things up.

Where do you shop for clothes?

Everywhere. I might go to Kate Spade and then a thrift store on the same trip. One of the best dresses I ever bought was from a vintage shop. People go nuts over that and its Montgomery Ward from 1978. My mom actually sews a lot of my dresses.

What does style mean to you?

It’s an extension of yourself. Somebody might look at me and say, “I bet you do something creative.” I think it’s about how inviting you are. Do you wear clothes that make people want to talk to you, or make you seem interesting?

You can pick one outfit that would forever be identified as your “look” to the world…describe it in detail.

A little sleeved A-line dress, bright green or blue. Big earrings. Always wedge shoes. I’m short, so I want to get the advantage of posture.

What is the fashion or style mistake you see that drives you crazy?

I think that women buy clothes according the number and not to what actually fits. I know you want to squeeze into an 8, but you would look better in a 12 and that is Ok.

What is most important to you when selecting clothing for yourself?

I think you just feel good in things. When you put on a dress you just want to twirl.

What music do you like listening to when getting ready?

Is NPR music? (Laughs) That’s usually what it is. But if I was going to psych myself up before going out. I always listen to The Girl From Ipanema. It’s my favorite song in the whole world. My best friend made me a mixed tape of covers of that song…I have two volumes!

Fashion trend that you want to start?

I want to start a Steve Martin trend, I guess. I love that he’s always worn a suit for both his standup and banjo gigs. Maybe that’s the trend I’d like to see: people dressing up. Caring a little bit more. Put one part Mad Men, one part Steve Martin, and one part Kate Spade in a shaker and make it available at Target prices. Nice, but not too stiff, and fun. Maybe I just want everyone to look like they’ve just come from a neighborhood dance in West Side Story, staged by the Gap.

How would you describe the style of Indianapolis?

Depends on which neighborhood you’re in. You could go to Fountain Square and think this is a hipster city or to the north side and think hey this place is a little buttoned up. I think we are doing better. We are a pretty tasteful city.

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