My Style: Dominique Bagnoche

Photography by Reagan Lynn

Dominique Bagnoche has loved fashion from a young age. She started her blog, Dom Bagnoche, while in college and has loved every minute of it. Her site consists of her latest fashion finds, newest travel destinations and life updates. As a recent college grad, Bagnoche is finally able to put her blog first and live out her dreams.

Name: Dominique Bagnoche

Residence: Indianapolis,Indiana

Occupation: Recent College Graduate & Fashion + Travel Blogger

Where did you grow up? Terre Haute, Indiana.

What is your earliest memory of a noticeable interest in fashion?
My earliest memory that sparked my interest in fashion was my obsession with everything about Juicy Couture when I was around 11 or 12. I loved the brand itself, the aesthetic of it, the colors, the stores and of course all of the clothes and accessories. Fun fact, in 8th grade I redid my entire bedroom & bathroom into a Juicy Couture theme. I basically spent an entire summer designing it. It was pretty legit.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?
Some of my favorites are @tezzamb, @xeniaoverdose, @ohhcouture and @jourdansloane.

Describe your personal style in four words or one phrase.
A trend-loving girl next door.

What’s your go-to item in your closet?
Basically anything denim.

Who are your favorite designers, and what do you like about their designs?
I’ve always admired Coco Chanel, Vera Wang, Kate Spade and Calvin Klein. Some stores I love to shop at are Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Madewell because of their clothing designs that have always fit my everyday needs for all different seasons.

Did you ever consider leaving the Indy area? If so, what made you stay?
I have considered leaving the Indy area. I graduated from college here in Indy, IUPUI, a few weeks ago and I decided to stay here, for now. I really like Indy! I wouldn’t want to live in any other city in Indiana. I’m also traveling a lot lately, so I am more focused on travel rather than moving, for now anyway.

What trends are you noticing for spring fashion?
Gingham prints on all types of clothing, and a lot of other kinds of prints. I have been noticing a lot of Polka dots as well, and I love this. Stripes are everywhere. I have seen a lot of tropical vibes in several big retailers spring campaigns, which makes sense as summer is almost here.

What’s next for you?
For now, I am working on my blog full time which feels SO nice after blogging for the past two years while studying finance throughout college. I am so excited to live in Indy and inspired to create here.

What short and long-term goals are on your list?
My short-term goals are to focus on having a fantastic summer in Indianapolis creating fashion and lifestyle content, to travel and learn A LOT and to always try my hardest to stay present.
My long terms goals are to start my own business, to always have a positive impact on others and honestly, to be completely and utterly happy.

Define fashion.
For me, fashion is a way I can express myself, my individuality, who I believe I am and how I want others to see me.

Worst fashion trend.
Clear/transparent bags. Mainly because I’m not sure why you would want everyone to see what you are carrying around and how anyone keeps their bag that clean, hopefully, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Best Fashion trend.
All things Denim.

Last but certainly not least, name your favorite fashion icon.
Lady Gaga!  

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Photography by Reagan Allen.

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