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Recently, I’ve been getting asked a lot about what inspires me in regards to styling. I mainly get my inspiration from sketching random things and listening to anything not “Top 40”. Indianapolis might not be at the top of the list of places to get inspired, but it is possible – you just have to be creative about it. I was walking to Mass Ave Wine Shoppe on Friday and noticed what looked like an empty building. I often have this habit of creating stories in my head to keep my creative juices flowing. I walked by the building and thought about how cool it would be to have a cheap empty space – like that building – to create. Well in my head that made me think of Andy Warhol and The Factory. The Factory was Warhol’s space to create screen prints and tape his creative films. The people who were often found in The Factory were referred as a “Warhol Superstar”. Not that I plan on having any “Jeremiah Superstars”… but I pondered how they would they be styled (if I had them).

So guys, thanks to my over-active mind, I give you my favorite styles for Spring 2012. The looks come from DSQUARED2, Jean Paul Gaultier, Meltin’Pot, Moschino, Number: Lab, and Shipley & Halmos. (All looks are from their Spring 2012 collections)

Jeremiah Superstars

To be a “Jeremiah Superstar”, you have to embrace your own personal style. Fashion isn’t what is used to be, where there were actual iconic fashion statements. Fashion is now more about figuring out (and playing around with) your own style. Almost all of the Spring 2012 collections involve a bold color or pattern. Normally, guys just get stuck with cargo shorts and a polo. Not in my my factory.

You can follow the inspiration from DSQUARED2 where they embraced guys rocking bold summer colors. The first three pictures show a couple different ways to include color in your spring look. I am one who loves my black v-necks, but even I have included those accents of color in my look. Spring 2012 is a time for guys to actually play around with shopping. You can get your standard pieces from the mall, but I encourage you to explore online shopping, a local men’s boutique, or a thrift store for some options to get at least one unique piece this spring. DSQUARED2 shows that you can still wear your favorite denim – just throw on a colored belt, and a white v-neck. You don’t have to walk out of your house looking like you tried too hard to look fashionable and stylish.

The next two looks are from an Italian company called Meltinpot. They do some cool street wear pieces without using super graphic prints. They used two items that are a standard for both springtime and guys. Khaki cotton trousers and light denim are great daytime options for guys. They used a neutral pallet to give a refreshing spring vibe to street wear. Add a chambray shirt or a linen cotton blend shirt and you have a relaxed look that will carry over to spring too.  A boot or slip on boat shoe of course will still be a hot trend for men’s footwear for spring.

Shipley & Halmos has a great suit option. I personally hate wearing suits, but there are some guys who can really pull off the cool look. A thin cotton suit layered with a sun-bleached graphic print shirt is a great way to style a suit for the day. Now guys, don’t think you can just pull that black suit out of your closet to wear on the street. It needs to be a tailored suit that is a little more fitted in order to pull off this look. Then, throw on a cool light tan leather boot to make the perfect brunch outfit. (If you brunch, that is.)

This is not an option, guys: you really need a (faux) leather jacket for Spring. If you want to get fancy, you can pick up the DSQUARED2 red leather jacket. Kenton Magazine decided it was a good Spring pick that they featured my pick on their magazine. The last three looks are from the Spring collections of Number:Lab, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Moschino. The leather jacket is a great way to style a basic solid color t-shirt this spring. Then, add a white button-up and a black tie and you’ve got a cool evening look. If you’re going for a monochromatic look, make sure you play around with fabrics and patterns. The attention to pattern and fabric choices will create a better polished look.

If I could pick the perfect styled people to hang out with in my factory of creativity, you now know what they would look like for Spring 2012. The things to take away are:

COLOR DETAILS: BELT, SCARF, SOCKS, or PANTS are easy ways to add style to your look.




Have a must have Spring item? Send us a pic or tell us about it below. You can always connect to @Patternindy – we all would love to hear about your Spring fashion finds. Guys, if you have a question or comment you can connect with me @_jeremiah_ .

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  1. Avatarsays: Maggie

    Love the dressed-up dressed-down look of Number:Lab’s leather jacket/tie/pinstripe pants/sneaker combo. Interesting and unexpected pairing!

  2. Avatarsays: Maggie

    Love the dressed-up dressed-down look of Number:Lab’s leather jacket/tie/pinstripe pants/sneaker combo. Interesting and unexpected pairing!

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