Midwest Fashion Week: Emerging Runway Showcase

Fresh off a mention in TIME Magazine, Midwest Fashion Week made its seasonal debut to “blue collar workers” last Wednesday at the Artsgarden with an Emerging Runway Showcase.

DJ Slater Hogan kept the energy high, despite a somewhat sparse crowd and the show running an hour behind schedule. As Maggie Conner (aka The Haute Hoosier) tweeted, “Beyonce finally took her front row seat,” the charismatic host, Amber Strong, welcomed us to the show, and the first collection sashayed down the runway.

I was never quite sure what season the clothes were geared toward, as pastel swimwear shared a runway with autumnal yellows and oranges, sharp jackets and coats with short suits. Another area in which most designers could improve would be in their fabric choices and finishes. Shiny fabrics tend to look cheap and rarely well-finished. Additionally, several models seemed in great danger of exposing their bum to the audience, as some hem lengths barely covered their lady bits. Designers, a formula: Shiny + tight + short = cheap. I was surprised, as well, to see a few garments parade down the runway unfinished – a few threads trailing from hems, a dress clearly pinned together in the back, and a skirt (clearly more than a few sizes too big) pinned at the waist. The menswear, however, was incredibly strong, and I wish more Hoosier gentlemen would take a cue from the styling and creativity.

Videos of all the Midwest Fashion Week Shows can be found online at Nightlights TV.

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