Midwest Fashion Week: A Model’s Perspective




Those are the three words that sum up my experience during Midwest Week Fashion Week.

Now, when I say disarray I can imagine your nose turning up and you thinking “Disarray? That doesn’t sound good, right?” However, in this case, it’s awesome. For me, disarray means designers, hair stylists and makeup artists. Oh, and curling irons, straighteners, eyeliner, glitter, eye shadow, powder, hair spray and there was…the best women’s clothing boutique! Dare I say it? MORE! (Gasp!)

So much more that at one point the room smelled like hair spray galore. While others can’t take that kind of “disarray,” I on the other hand live for it. I never had so much done to my hair or face. By the end of the finale show my face literally said to me, “Are you done now?”

I am so glad I look decent without makeup on, because I literally gave my face a break for an entire week afterwards. That’s right, no makeup for seven days. Ladies, it can be done.

On to my next word: exhausting. Whew, just thinking about all the hustle and bustle gives me jitters. I literally came home and passed out in my bed every night. Wait. Pause. I take that back – I ate…and then jumped in bed (after every show I was starving!). Not to say Midwest Fashion Week didn’t feed us models because they certainly did!

Exhausting is also a great description because models had to be at the show hours before lights, camera, action. When I say hours, I’m saying the show didn’t start until 7 p.m. and we had to be there at noon. Or the show didn’t start until 11 p.m. and models were told to be there at 4 p.m. I’m so serious! So, what did we do in the meantime? We prepped for the show – which included getting hair and makeup done, doing our fittings, run-throughs, eating, mingling and most of all, waiting.

A good thing about of the exhausting part? I got to meet some wonderful people.

Lastly, we come to “electrifying” – and, boy, was it ever! I was extremely shy going into this, but came out feisty. I modeled for Grace Boutique, Liz Alig and Marlene Haute Couture, each having their own style and specific way they wanted their girls to walk. (Side note: All their clothing was simply amazing and the designers were all darling). I think I was able to do my job well – I even had the opportunity to open up the entire show Saturday night for the finale. (Gasp again!)

The adrenaline was pumping. My heart was racing. Nonetheless, as soon as I stepped on the runway and struck my pose I no longer cared. I walked the runway and I owned it – at least that’s what I thought. And, it felt amazing. The feeling I got on the runway is completely indescribable.

Now that it’s all over – would I do it again? Yes! I love everything about fashion. The fact that I was a part of the week’s electrifying and exhausting disarray just makes me adore it all the more.

Midwest Fashion Week pulled off one heck of a show. I’m just glad I played my small part in it.

Adrian “AK” Kendrick




Adrian is a writer for Indianapolis Woman Magazine and a freelance writer in Indy as well. Check out her day-by-day detail of Midwest Fashion Week on her blog at www.aksworld.net.

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