I have been arguing with myself the past several minutes and this may be the shortest review you’ll see from me all season. I am torn between a matter of personal ethics and what is fashion industry reality. The problem lies in the fact that the very reason the Simonetta Ravizzi line was founded was to find new and contemporary ways of incorporating fur into youth-oriented fashion. While such a statement might be acceptable in Italy, it’s not so much in the US. Here, we are much more sensitive to the cruelties of the commercial fur industry and are largely aware that the continued use of natural fur is no longer necessary. There are too many more earth friendly and efficient textiles available to make natural fur a logical choice.

However, all that being said, Simonetta Ravizzi is influential with how they incorporate not only fur, but leathers and animal prints into their clothing. While the brand’s natural season may be fall/winter, they still manage to fine ways to utilize their primary fabrics in a spring/summer line as well and those tactics are inevitably copied and revised by other designers.

So, let’s take a quick look at what they sent down the runway this morning. There was definitely a 1970s feel to the collection, with long vests and flared pant legs. While much of the line is tailored and fairly form fitting, I was amused to see ruffled pant legs on more than one occasion, and both short and full length jumpers with nothing beneath.

Continuing trends we’ve seen in London and New York, there was plenty of crop tops, sheer and the mixture of both stripes and dots through the mash-up of animal prints. I’m still not a huge fan of that latter style, but there doesn’t seem to be any escaping it.

I still think fluffy fur in a spring/summer line is just silly,but no one in Italy asked me, did they? If you’re more accepting of fur than I, you may very well find plenty here that you’ll find wearable. For my tastes, though, I think I’ll pass.

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