Massimiliano Giornetti has his hands full. In addition to being creative director for what is quite possibly the best known shoe brand in the world, he oversees both production and advertising for all divisions, from shoes to ready to wear to fragrances. Where he finds the time to sketch and come up with new ideas, I don’t know. What he shows us in this fall/winter collection, though, is that he is very much on top of all things Ferragamo and all those things are good. Here’s what you need to know.

Wearing Ferragamo this fall/winter means staying warm and covered, top to bottom. For the greater majority of looks in this collection, funnel necked tops start right under the chin and more often than not there is no exposed skin the rest of the way down. Some are attributing this to the large Middle East market the brand has tapped since Giornetti took over, but at the same time there are a few looks with more traditional scoop necks and sleeveless dresses.

Colors start dark and stay that way throughout the collection. While not stuck entirely on black, the greys, reds, and browns utilized are on the more muddy side, the brightest this line ever gets is one bright gold piece more than two-thirds the way through. Large soft checks, leopard print, and a faux croc stamp make up the bulk of the prints. There are some other gentle patterns in the knits as well, but for the most part this collection is dominated by solid colors.

Silhouettes are quite fitted, hugging the female form like an old friend. The slimming effect is quite staggering on monochrome ensembles, giving dresses already sleek and shiny the feeling that one may just slip through the cracks if not careful. Worth noting is the fact that all of the looks in this collection are either dresses and skirt/top ensembles. One won’t find a pair of slacks anywhere in the set.

Capes, ponchos and cape coats really shine in the outwear. Many are styled to fit comfortably with the ensembles underneath and the cuts are generous without being drafty. Should next winter be as cold and difficult as this one has been, these Ferragamo pieces could be life savers.

Interestingly enough, the one that that doesn’t stand out in this collection are the shoes. Yes, they’re wonderful and yes, they are quite stylish. Still, they are largely understated, blending in with this top-to-bottom looks like just another piece of the ensemble.

Ferragamo gives its women a complete well put-together collection of clothes that is professional and comfortable and warm. The brand may draw you in for the shoes, but you’ll want to stay for the clothes.


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