MFW: Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2017

Slavatore Ferragamo S/S 17
Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2017. Photo credit: Kim Weston Arnold

Things work differently in Milan than they do New York or London. Make a change to the production schedules of one designer and one has to also make adjustments for another half-dozen designers inconvenienced by the change. That’s one of the primary reasons the fashion council here continues to resist any talk of the see-now buy-now concept that seems to have worked so well in New York and London.

If there were to be a designer to break that mold in Milan it would be Salvatore Ferragamo. This ready-to-wear collection is the kind that could do well if it were available immediately after the show. Guests in attendance liked the looks and expressed themselves in popular ways. With looks that are not overly seasonal, Ferragamo seems as though it would be a perfect candidate for the fashion immediacy that has worked for other brands.

Unfortunately,  that’s not possible. You’ll have to wait until next spring to get a look at all the sharp dresses and suits that made their way down this morning’s runway. Six months must pass before garments leave production facilities in Milan and make their way to stores. Your shoulders will be sore from shoveling snow when you finally get to explore the trendy over-sized shoulders that dominate a number of these looks. You’ll have plenty of time to get in a workout or two before seeing how that high-waist look fits you.

Although, waiting for spring might not be a bad idea if you have your eyes set on those sandwich platforms. And the sporty fabrics are probably best suited for spring’s temperatures given that weather in the Midwest is about to get a lot cooler this week. Yes, the color palette of blues and greens is often dark enough to feel better suited for autumn, but the few floral prints will do better come March.

With early numbers from New York and London showing amazing profits for their immediate availability campaigns, it’s difficult to imagine that Milan will lag too far behind and I fully expect this label to take advantage of that potential when it is available. While Ferragamo’s styling looks great on the runway, they suffer from shopper’s short-term memories during that inevitable six-month lag. They need for people to be able to buy their clothes now if they are going to continue to compete with the crowd of global competition. Having good fashion just isn’t enough to be successful anymore. Milan needs to catch up if labels like Ferragamo are to survive.

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