This is going to be short and it’s not going to be kind. Those who are hard-core fans of Moschino may as well stop reading now. What follows is my own opinion and does not reflect that of Pattern or any of its editorial staff.

Moschino needs to fire Jeremy Scott right now. The brand-parody collection he just showed was not cute, was not funny, and was definitely not worth waiting an hour past start time so a precocious Katy Perry could take her front row seat. Forcing everyone to wait on a bubble gum diva is disrespectful. Perry, Scott and their ilk may be able to play around all day, but for the buyers and editors this is a reai job and delaying a show by an entire hour, especially at the end of a day when we’re already tired, says that you don’t respect what it is that they do.

Yes, this was Scott’s first collection since being named Creative Director back in October. Everyone expected a lot from a designer who has shown a lot of creativity and promise in his past work. Unfortunately, what he showed this evening was shoddy and irresponsible. If this is a sample of the direction he plans on taking the Moschino brand, he needs to be stopped now before he can do any more damage.

Apparently the theme of this collection was selling out. Scott took a number of brands, starting with McDonald’s, and “Moschino’d” them by giving them just enough variation to be able to avoid copyright and licensing issues by claiming parody. The line, however, was crossed when the second set of looks down the runway was a black on white Holstein cow print ala Chic-fil-a. You remember that brand, don’t you? The Atlanta, Georgia based fast-food company founded by Truett Cathy with a strong, vocal stand against the LGBT community? I lost all respect for Scott or Moschino at this point.

Also prominent in the show were a number of over-blinged “street” looks, as though thuggery and irresponsibility need to be made any more mainstream than they already are. What does the privileged Scott know about “street” anyway, other than occasionally crossing one?

No. No. No. No. No.

This show just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth for both Jeremy Scott and Moschino. This wasn’t fun. These clothes are not wearable. This wasn’t worth the wait. Good thing this day is over.


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