For Roberto Cavalli, any time is party time and when we’re talking about his young-adult oriented label Just Cavalli the party never seems to stop. The designer’s popularity in the world’s hottest club spots such as Abu Dabi and Ibiza are clear influences in this very night-club oriented collection that is very short on practicality and very long on fun.

Working with floral prints that start in the purple, green, and blue palette and end in bright reds and yellows, Cavalli plays with lighter, breezier fabrics for this spring/summer season while keeping silhouettes that show off the body every chance possible. While there are some occasional looser pieces, such as his careful take on the sun dress with some extra lace along the top of the spaghetti strap, most of the looks here are fitted and when it comes to pants one may well need some lubrication and/or assistance in getting these things put on.

Of all the pieces, the slip dresses, with ample slits in the skirts, are likely to be the most comfortable, though some of them run a bit on the short side. For those action-packed nights on the dance floor, these are the looks that are going to keep perspiration to a minimum and give one plenty of room to move while still looking incredibly attractive in the process. There are also some really cute and interesting takes on jumpers that show a bit of 70s influence but not so much that one would dare call this a vintage collection.

What is more difficult is finding anything that might be practical outside the club or some special event. There are a few dresses in the mix, if one looks carefully,  that are very simple shift dresses with well conceived layering to them. There are also some jackets that will work very well regardless of what one might be wearing under them. Those are not looks that get a lot of attention, though, and may actually be a bit more difficult to find when the  collection hits stores this spring.

Long scarves, sometimes worn halter style in crisscross patterns and other times allowed to flow loose, may be the collection’s hottest selling point, though the broad hip-hugging belts of punched leather may run a close second.  There are star-shaped sunglasses reminiscent of what Elton John was wearing in 1974, too. There is also some serious strap work going on in some of the looks that generates a lot of fun.

Fun really is the focus of this collection so one shouldn’t look at it too critically. Those who spend a lot of time in night clubs are almost certainly going to like everything here; those who prefer to stay home are likely to turn up their noses and go running to someone whose collection is more loose and open. Just Cavalli is all about the party and from beginning to end party is exactly what this collection does.

Photo credit: Gio Staiano

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