This spring/summer 2014 collection from Just Cavalli is exactly why I want to be Roberto Cavalli. The man is 20 years my senior, a titan in Italian fashion, travels the world on his yacht, actively oversees and participates in the design of every collection bearing his name, and still manages to make to to the clubs of Ibiza and Bhutan to party. Oh, excuse me, “gather inspiration.” Right. All one has to do is take a look at what he sent down the runway this season to see the party animal that is Roberto Cavalli.

Okay, “party animal” may be putting it nicely. I watched this show in the company of a 28-year-old who is in Just Cavalli’s target audience. Her response to the first several pieces was, “It looks like someone with ADD found a sewing machine.” I have to agree, there are significant portions of this line where I have to think Cavalli asked his interns to just piece together whatever they could find at the bottom of the closet. Yet, even with all that visual haphazardness, the old man still creates a line that is hot, sexy, and wearable (provided you’ve got the body for it).

The silhouettes are, even more than in previous seasons, skin tight. especially below the waist. You’re going to have to spend some time in the gym between now and March if you want to even have a hope of fitting into these outfits, some of which have the aesthetic of peeling off a wet suit.Tops are a bit more forgiving, especially jackets, but the sports bra and racer back elements hug pretty close to form, hugging every curve.

Cropped tops? Well duh, of course! He tossed in some short shorts, just like we’ve seen in several other European collections. There are also a few sheer pieces, though it’s certainly not over done, and Cavalli uses coat tails to finish the backs of skirts and some blouses. The whole look is very fun, very rebellious, and very much ready for a party.

Don’t be fooled, though. There are more than a few surprises in this collection that are kick-ass by anyone’s standards. Tropical floral prints on white organza, with vivid hues of primary colors, are some of the best conceived we’ve seen all season. Cavalli’s laser cut leather jackets are bound to be the envy of anyone who doesn’t have one. A white dress with scalloped lace at the hem is so innocent it almost feels out of place.

Yes, for most parents of teenagers, and perhaps anyone else over the age of 40, the volume and severe sexiness of this collection is enough to send you reaching for the bottle of pain relievers and swallowing a handful. What Just Cavalli gives to its youthful audience, though, is electrifying intensity that matches their natural level of energy and enthusiasm for life.

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