Roberto Cavalli may be one of the coolest old men on the planet. I mean, c’mon, how many people can successfully open a night club named after them in Dubai and have it do well? Cavalli did just that this past year and it is that night club feel and look he brought to the Arch of Peace in Milan for his young adult-oriented line, Just Cavalli.

Colours were bright and dance music was loud and practically no one was sitting still in their seats as the Just Cavalli show started. While keeping a base of darker natural tones, Cavelli offered up a set of prints that was fun, exciting, and attractive. Orange and yellow in knits eventually gave way to gold lame with lots and lots of fringe along the way. Tonally, everything is surprisingly seasonally appropriate. Cavalli doesn’t use the warm climate of a nightclub as an excuse for pushing spring clothes in a fall season. So there are no pastels, no delicate flowers. Instead, colors are bold, fun, and at times even a little in-your-face.

Remember, this is a clothing line directed toward that hip, single, active 20-something crowd. Cavalli assumes everyone is figure conscious enough to hit the gym and watch their diet appropriately. As a result, he delivers silhouettes that are very tight and very fitted on bottom, especially when it comes to skin-tight pants and leggings. On top, though, as well as with skirts, he provides plenty of room for movement while keeping the look sexy, not slutty. There are no plunging necklines; not a one. There are no breast-revealing sheers. Yes, skirts are generally short, but he also pairs those with hose and leggings. Dubai, for all its Western influences, is still a largely Muslim country so this collection fits that aesthetic very well.

A couple of pieces really stood out the moment they came around the catwalk. One is a tapestry-styled elongated vest. The dark, muted tones of the floral pattern on heavy fabric would be enough to warrant paying attention. What really sets the piece apart though is the very unique cut Cavalli gives it. I promise you don’t have anything quite like this in your wardrobe. A similar cut reappears later on a coat, but it is the vest where it plays best.

Also strong in this collection is the embroidery seen on some of the sweaters and tops as well as several of the handbags. The phoenix-inspired design is beautifully presented in a way that gives pieces some extra texture without being overly ostentatious. I would caution, though, to only choose one piece with the design. To try and put them all together would be a bit excessive.

The only miss in this collection, in my opinion, is the long haired coat in the final ensemble. I’m sorry, it looks too much like a blond wookie. But then, I tend to not like long-haired pieces on anything accept my own head. Your opinion may differ.

Roberto Cavelli makes this a very fun and lively collection that will be very popular when it hits stores this fall. You’ll want to shop early for the best pieces.


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